WTF Is Justin Bieber Doing to This Burrito?

Music superstar has quite the unconventional way of enjoying a tasty treat

By Mike Vulpo Oct 25, 2018 6:22 PMTags
Justin Bieber, LondonRicky Vigil M/GC Images

All Justin Bieber needs is a beauty and a burrito.

For the past couple months, the "Baby" singer has been making headlines—and it's not exactly about his music.

Yes, he got married to Hailey Baldwin after visiting a New York City courthouse. And yes, fans can't help but notice the singer's fun style and behavior out in public. Just remember the afternoon where he randomly chose to serenade his leading lady on the streets of London.

But most recently, a photo appeared on Reddit that appears to show the "Baby" singer enjoying lunch on a park bench. Totally normal, right? But instead of using a plate, fork and knife to enjoy a burrito, Justin decided to do something different.

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Courtesy: Reddit

While the photo has since been removed from the site after some questioned the validity of the jaw-dropping image, we have seen Justin wear that hat and sweatshirt before. In other words, that has to be him, right?

According to the average eye, Justin is holding a burrito sideways and diving right into the middle of it. How could he do such a thing?! The Internet has some theories.

Some want to remind foodies that the pop star was born and raised in Canada suggesting maybe they have a different way of eating burritos.

Others are claiming Justin is a trend setter and we need to try it out the next time we find ourselves without any silverware.

And for a few followers, they're just proud their unusual eating habits aren't photographed for the world to see. Anyone else need a fork with their sushi? Oh, awkward.

Whatever is going on, we just hope Justin enjoyed his lunch and didn't have to pay extra for guac.