Get Ready for Ed Sheeran, Booty Popping and Much More on LADYGANG

The ladies reveal what's to come this season and what it's been like bringing their podcast to our TV screens

By Mona Khalifeh Oct 26, 2018 1:00 PMTags

The LADYGANG is finally bringing their hit podcast to life and it's going to be even more hilarious on screen!

The gang has already promised us a sweet serenade from Keltie Knight to Ed Sheeran for the upcoming season and there's a lot more where that came from. E! News caught up with the gang where they revealed who we can expect on the show's debut season.

"Adam Rippon, he taught Keltie and I a skate routine, a sexual sex routine and we had to perform it for the judge, Jac," Becca Tobin revealed. "She was the commentator and the judge, she and Adam."

"Have you ever tried to booty pop on ice? It's not easy, it's not easy," Knight insisted.  "It's not really good to look at either, it's quite terrifying," Jac Vanek joked.

While bringing their podcast to life has been quite the joy ride, going from off screen to on has brought with it some interesting challenges.

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"The biggest difference is we do the podcast in sweatpants and we look like absolute garbage," Vanek quipped. "We have a lot of the same segments that are kinda fan favorites that we're keeping on for the television show and it's pretty much the same minus there's like 30 people in the room."

"And like to be honest, I'll probably be wearing a bra and like I never have when we record the podcast," Knight added. "By the time we record, we're like in a tank top, sometimes a shoe. We're not sure."

Despite the glam and a few wardrobe changes, the show still has the same tried and true LADYGANG feel.

"But we really have taken the same vibe from the podcast and really just elevated it to that next level, it really feels like the same thing though," Tobin explained.

Nothing Is Off Limits for "LADYGANG"

It's that vibe that makes LADYGANG our favorite girl squad, but we couldn't help but wonder, which squad would the ladies want to be a part of if they weren't in the gang?

"I think I'd want to be a spice girl," Tobin gushed. "Well, we'd all want to be baby…I've always been baby, it's my calling," Vanek insisted. "I think I'd be posh spice ‘cause I'm kind of a bitch," Tobin added.

Knight had a slightly different squad in mind.

"I'd want to be posh, but I would probably be ginger ‘cause I'm like a little messy...I would either be a spice girl or a Queer Eye."

"The fab six!" Tobin yelled. "No, the fab eight," Vanek and Knight corrected. "I wasn't bringing you guys," Tobin joked.

For more hilarious moments from the ladies, be sure to check out LADYGANG when it premieres Oct. 28 at 10:30 p.m.