LOL! LADYGANG's Keltie Knight Hilariously Tries to Serenade Ed Sheeran With an Original Song

Does she have a hit on her hands?

By Alyssa Ray Oct 25, 2018 3:00 PMTags

Keltie Knight wears many hats.

An Emmy winner, a podcaster and now she's a budding songwriter…well, maybe. In this clip from Sunday's premiere of LADYGANG, Keltie sits down with Ed Sheeran to perform a song she's written all about him.

"I wrote a song for you, I'm gonna perform it," the LADYGANG star told the "Perfect" singer. "I'm a little nervous."

Although Sheeran didn't help write this number, Knight enlists the A-lister's help by asking him to play the guitar. "Oh I also brought a guitar, you can strum if you want," Keltie reveals. "I don't know how to play."

Thankfully, Taylor Swift's bestie has no qualms with strumming along to Keltie's song. This may be because the E! People's Choice Awards finalist only sings the hit maker's praises during her impromptu performance.

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"I think at the end of my song he looked at me and he gave me a look like, 'You're okay by me, Keltie Knight,'" Keltie later adds. "And I was like, 'You too, Edward Sheeran.'"

And while Keltie may not win a Grammy in the near future, Ed assures her he would "definitely stream it, at least 10 times."

"That's very sweet, I love it," Ed kindly concludes. "I think it's a very limited market, because it would just be me."

For Keltie's attempt at songwriting, be sure to take a look at the clip above!