The LADYGANG Open Up About Interviewing Karamo Brown, Learning From RuPaul and Baring It All on Their Podcast

The gang open up about their favorite celeb guests, most memorable interviews and their biggest regrets

By Mona Khalifeh Oct 24, 2018 1:00 PMTags

You already know the LADYGANG keeps it real and they plan to do just that when their hit podcast turned talk series hits our screens this Sunday! 

Whether they're talking to celebrities or dishing on bodily functions, Keltie Knight, Jac Vanek and Becca Tobin truly bare it all, even if that means they have a few regrets.

E! News caught up with the ladies ahead of their debut episode where they revealed which celebrity guest has become one their best friends!

"One of my favorite guests is Karamo from Queer Eye. He is the most magical person I have ever met in my entire life, he is amazing to look at. And he's now like one of our best friends that we've had on the podcast, and the show," Vanek gushed.

"For me, I loved when we had Jenna Fischer on because I was such a massive Office fan and she told the most humiliating stories about her acting career and it made me feel like, ‘Oh, all of Hollywood is totally messed up, not just our neck of the woods,'" Knight added.

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Tobin on the other hand is a sucker for the Real Housewives franchise...aren't we all?!

"I'm a Real Housewives fan so Dorit was a pleasure. She was fun. We like the reality stars because they're not afraid to say anything," Tobin revealed.

When it comes to their most memorable interview, the ladies all agreed that their time spent with Ryan Murphy and RuPaul stood out the most.

"Ryan Murphy was I think, one of the most inspiring interviews and definitely very memorable, same with RuPaul," Tobin said, "I feel like both of them, we were like writing down quotes and gasping the entire time because they were very inspiring," Vanek added.

But all of these very real moments have come with a few regrets.

"I started talking about going off birth control and I got a text message from my dad who I told to never listen to the LADYGANG podcast and he goes, ‘Hey peanut (my nickname), what's up with the no birth control, big eye emoji?' And I was like, 'Dad!'" Knight recounted.

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For Vanek and Tobin, it's having no regrets that allows them to be truly authentic on the show.

"I think we're kind of at the point where we've said so many embarrassing things that it's like what can we really say? We've said it all. We've talked about every bodily function. I talk about all my dates. All the douche bags. We're kinda past the point of embarrassment," Vanek maintained. "You know what, if people weren't gonna like us, we wouldn't get a TV show."

We told you these ladies keep it real! For an unfiltered take on just about everything under the sun, be sure to catch the premiere of LADYGANG Sunday Oct. 28 at 10:30 p.m. on E!