Katy Perry Is the Queen of Concert Costumes: See Her Iconic Stage Ensembles Now

By Johnni Macke Nov 06, 2018 4:00 PMTags
Katy Perry, Costumes, CollageMelissa Hebeler/E! Illustration

Get ready to purr Katy Perry fans, because this one's for you!

As we wait to see whether or not the "Chained to the Rhythm" singer will be dubbed the queen of concerts AKA whether or not she wins the E! People's Choice Award for Concert Tour of 2018, we might as well take a look back the singer's best concert fashions.

Isn't that the real reason you go to see the California native live in concert?

OK, obviously you go because Perry can sing and she is one stellar performer, but her out-of-this world costumes are part of the reason we love the 34-year-old star's tours year after year.

Sometimes she's dressed like the chicest candy cane, while other times she's the perfect retro beach babe.

On occasion, she rocks metallics that make us feel like we've been transported to outer space and then there are all of the fruit-inspired ensembles that she's donned that are both juicy and sweet.

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The "Roulette" singer not only slays on the stage with her moves and amazing tunes that we can't help but jam along to, but when it comes to her costumes she is a real winner...at least in our books.

No matter why you love Perry, you have to admit that her ability to make just about anything look good on stage is something that should be celebrated.

Therefore, we've rounded up her best concert costumes below, including some fresh picks from her Witness Tour, which is the same tour that earned her a People's Choice Awards finalist spot.

After you've taken it all in and decided which of Perry's ensemble choices will be your next costume party inspiration, make sure to mark your calendars, because the 2018 PCAs airs this weekend and Perry could come out a winner!

People's Choice Awards: By the Numbers
Eye See You

In this concert costume we feel like Katy Perry is keep an eye on us at all times!

Flaming Hot

The "Witness" singer looked red hot while on tour this summer and her performance was just as fiery.


Leave it to the California native to make dressing like the yin and yang sign both chic and eclectic. 

Sunshine on my mind

Yellow, can you see us under those massive sunnies?

Hoop There It Is

Dunking a basket never looked so cool.

Star Wars Couture

We're getting major C-3PO vibes here and we're not mad about it.

Neon Angel

Love, angel, music baby.

Prrrr-ing into the Future

Channeling Kitty Purry!

Girl on Fire

From Flamin' Hot Cheeto to flaming hot mini!

Beach Babe

Talk about strategically-placed beach balls.

Hoodie Goodie

The singer shows off sequins for days.

Star Burst

Baby, she's a shooting star.

Electrifying Act

The pop star lit up the stage—literally!

Horsing Around

'Round and round she goes. 

Reel Talented

In case you didn't know, Perry is something of a film buff.

'Cause Baby You're A...

Boom! The 4th of July has nothing on Katy Perry.

Pucker Up

How sweet. 

Put A Bird On It

Shake your tailfeather.

Frutti Tutti

No one can say she doesn't look fresh. 

Grand Old Flag

Betsy Ross, eat your heart out. 

Candy Girl

Peppermint Patty, we've found your next Halloween costume. 


The singer had vacation vibes going on.

In Balance

The Ying Yang Twins are so mad right now.

Ancient History

Cleopatra, comin' atcha!

Feeling Fishy

No doubt she likes the California roll.

Fresh Pick

Berry cute, Katy. Berry cute. 

Kitty Perry

Don't cage her in!

Junk Food Lover

Katy may need a sweets intervention. 

Be Mine

Some people wear their hearts on their sleeves...others are Katy Perry.

All Tied Up

And...that's a wrap!

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