Kim Kardashian Comforts "Insecure" New Mom Kylie Jenner About Her Body: "Curves Are Hard"

The fellow new mom has some advice for her younger sister about accepting her changing body after giving birth

By Mona Khalifeh Oct 24, 2018 2:30 PMTags
Watch: Kylie Jenner Feels the Pressure to Snap Back After Baby

Kim Kardashian is passing some of her motherly wisdom down to younger sister and new mom Kylie Jenner.

In this clip from Sunday's all-new Keeping Up With the Kardashians, Kim has some body positive advice for Kylie who is feeling the pressure to snap back after baby.

"You're looking like really skinny!" Kim gushes.

"Thank you, I'm getting rid of stuff that I just feel like's never gonna fit me," Kylie laments. "I know I'm not gonna fit into like a 25 jean ever again and after our shoot, I'm just feeling a little insecure." 

"I know, curves are hard," Kim empathizes. 

Big sister Kim can relate to Kylie's struggle to accept the way her body has changed since giving birth to daughter Stormi Webster.

"Trust me I get it," the mom of three insists. "But the pressure to snap back like, it took me a good six to eight months. Once I got there, I was like, 'OK I'm never leaving.''


To encourage Kylie to get out of the house, Kim advises her sister to slap on some shape wear and keep it moving.

"I never cared for those things," Kylie says. "Now I get it."

"I know it's really early and Stormi's so little, but you just have to roll with it," Kim tells her sister. "You just have to be confident, get some things that make you feel good about yourself and find your balance."

Slowly but surely, Kylie starts to feel comforted by her sister's words of wisdom.

"Honestly, you do inspire me a lot," Kylie admits. "If Kim could do it, I could do it."

See Kim comfort new mom Kylie about her body in the clip above.

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