Every Time Wells Adams Has Defended Sarah Hyland on Instagram

The Bachelorette alum began dating the Modern Family actress a year ago and has occasionally come after body shamers and other people who have criticized his girlfriend.

By Corinne Heller Oct 21, 2018 9:52 PMTags

Sarah Hyland's boyfriend Wells Adams is not cool with people criticizing his girlfriend.

The 27-year-old Modern Family star and the 34-year-old Bachelorette alum have been dating for a year and in recent weeks, he has clapped back at fans who expressed negative opinions about her body and style choices on Instagram.

On Sunday, Hyland posted a throwback photo of herself wearing a bikini, which Adams took during their summer vacation. One person wrote in the comments, "May catch a lot of s--t for this, but @sarahhyland you have a large fan base, filled with both fans who care for your well being and those who are 'yes-men' and will say whatever to make you happy. Me, I'm the type of fan who really concerned. You look really unhealthy. Being that skinny can't be safe. No go on and lynch me for expressing myself."

"You, your the type of fan who's a douche bag," Adams replied.

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Several fans also defended Hyland, who later told the poster, I won't lynch you for expressing yourself dude! My ACTUAL fans already have."

She also playfully trolled her boyfriend over his spelling, writing, "@wellsadams baby...you're*"


Earlier this month, Wells cursed out another fan who implied Hyland looked too skinny in a bikini mirror selfie she posted.

"Eat a doughnut," the person wrote.

"Eat s--t," Adams replied.

In 2017, Hyland was also body shamed for allegedly being too skinny. The actress, who has been open about past health battlessaid on social media at the time that she had lost muscle mass because she was put on bed rest, adding, "I am not a fan of 'being skinny' which many of you have told me that I am too much of...I write this because I've been accused of promoting anorexia in, ironically enough, an anti-bullying post. And I want young girls to know that's not my intention."

Also earlier this month, Adams posted on his own Instagram page a photo of him and Hyland at a 2018 pre-Emmys party. The actress wore a black patterned strapless gown and glasses.

"I don't get the glasses look at all," one person commented.

"Oh, it's so she can see s--t," Adams replied.