Paige Bravely Opens Up to the Bella Twins About the "Lowest" Point in Her Life on Total Divas

By Alyssa Ray Oct 18, 2018 2:00 AMTags
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Paige has overcome quite a bit.

On this week's all-new Total Divas, the retired WWE star bravely opened up about the harassment she's received after "private photos were stolen and released" to the public. According to the British-born athlete, she was inundated with disparaging remarks about her body and private life following this scandal.

"I've had enough of people trying to degrade me all the time," Paige explained in a confessional. "Now it's just really hard to go out and say hello to the fans. At the same time, I don't want people to know that they got to me."

Although Paige tried to "shrug everything off," she did confide in Nikki Bella and Brie Bella about her ongoing struggles. Apparently, shortly after the leak, a fan accused Paige of being a "f--king porn star."

"This is still so fresh to me even though it's been like a year, or whatever," Paige shared with Brie and Nikki. "Someone invaded our privacy and put it out there for the world, probably for monetary gain."

Understandably, this time was the "lowest" point in Paige's life. In fact, the turmoil took such a toll on the wrestling veteran that she started cutting herself and using drugs.

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"I had no idea how serious it was, this is breaking my heart," Nikki relayed later on. "Paige has always been so tough. She has this tough exterior to her and to see her break down those walls and just open up to Brie and I—it's shocking."

Even though Paige built herself back up following the crisis, she also realized that her hardships have had a lasting impact. "Lately it's been really getting to me and I just feel like now's the time that I should talk to the girls about it," Paige added to the Total Divas cameras. "I'm not as strong as what they think, I'm not as badass as what they think…as what anyone thinks, actually."

Thankfully, the Bella Twins were able to offer Paige some sage advice and an opportunity to let off steam. In an attempt to raise Paige's spirits, Nikki and Brie brought their gal pal to a place where she could "literally smash cars."

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"All the things that Paige went through, it just like angers me 'cause she's such a good person," Brie admitted. "And now that she's retired from wrestling, not to have that kind of release [from] anger, it's really hard."

Paige wasn't the only Total Divas star going through a hard time as Lana found herself stressing over her career. After not landing TV time for 13 weeks, Lana decided it was time to change up her look by dyeing her hair hot pink. Unfortunately, Rusev's wife didn't run the hair change by the higher-ups at the WWE!

"Obviously it's not working for me in a f--king sequined dress with f--king blonde hair," the distraught wrestler expressed to Nattie Neidhart while dyeing her hair. "You would be honest with me, do I really suck at wrestling? I feel like I've gotten better at wrestling."

"Put your head back down," Nattie quipped to Lana.

Sadly, Lana's hair crisis came at the worst time as she was at Nia Jax's new home to help paint.

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"Why is she dyeing her hair hot pink in my bathroom?" a furious Nia inquired. "Oh my god, are you kidding me? What the hell?"

Although Nia was frustrated with Lana for playing salon in her bathroom, she was left shocked alongside Trinity Fatu when their peer revealed she hadn't gotten approval over the hair color.

"In our business you have to evolve," Trinity explained in a confessional. "If you don't, you get left behind."

Nonetheless, Fatu warned Lana that the WWE might not like the pink ‘do. "If they put me on TV next week, then thank the lord, because I haven't been on TV in 13 weeks," Lana retorted. "Maybe pink hair will get me on TV."

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As Lana's insecurities continued to get worse, her friends reassured her that she was a "unique" performer and would figure out a way to capture the WWE's attention. After hounding the higher-ups, Senior Director of Talent Relations Mark Carrano happily informed Lana that she booked TV time.

"Anything can happen in the WWE, anything can get turned around in a second, but we have to be prepared to go out there and crush it," Lana concluded. "This is the moment I realize that my story, that my character, is relatable."

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