See Paige, Nikki and Brie Bella Smash Up Some Cars on Total Divas: "We Have Some Aggression We Need to Take Out"

By Mona Khalifeh Oct 17, 2018 1:00 PMTags
Watch: Brie, Nikki and Paige Take Sledgehammers to Cars

Brie Bella, Nikki Bella and Paige are blowing off some major steam!

In this clip from tonight's all-new Total Divas, Nikki and Brie take Paige to a place where they can channel their smashing up cars.

"We all hurt and we all go through stuff and it's OK to share that and it's OK to express that," Nikki admits to the camera.

"So Brie and I found this really cool activity here in San Diego which we are like, OK this is so Paige, so up her alley. She can release stress because you get to literally smash cars," she adds.

"We have some aggression we need to take out," Nikki tells the lot owner. "You guys not getting along with each other?" he asks the girls. "No, we love each other, we're just eff the world right now," Nikki clarifies.

With their sledgehammers in hand, the girls get to work, leaving no car untouched. 

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"All the things that Paige went through, it angers me," Brie confesses to the camera. "'Cause she's such a good person and now that she's retired from wrestling, not to have that kind of release, anger. It's just really hard."

"Good therapy session?" Nikki asks the girls. "It was," Paige chimes.

See the ladies smash up some cars in the clip above.