Becca Tilley & JoJo Fletcher's Friendship Gives Us All the Feels: See The Bachelor Contestants' Cutest BFF Moments Now

By Johnni Macke Oct 23, 2018 4:00 PMTags
JoJo Fletcher, Becca TilleyCourtesy of 102.7 KIISFM

The Bachelor might be about finding love, but when it comes to Becca Tilley and JoJo Fletcher it was also about finding your best friend.

While competing for Ben Higgins' heart back in 2016, the ladies didn't end up with the final rose, but they got an even better gift...each other!

These two have been BFFs from pretty much the moment they met on the ABC reality dating show and quite frankly, they might be the cutest pair to come out of the franchise. OK, Fletcher and her fiancé Jordan Rodgers, who won her heart on The Bachelorette, are pretty darn cute, but as far as friends go, Tilley and Fletcher take the cake.

Over the years we've become even more obsessed with their bestie adventures which is why we had to round up their cutest friendship moments from 2016 to now to make everyone's day a little brighter.

JoJo Fletcher Takes the E!Q in 42

In addition to being two of our favorite people on the planet, we're celebrating the fact that Tilley is a E! People's Choice Awards finalist for Pop Podcast for her hilarious show called Scrubbing In With Becca Tilley. 

Sure, the two things aren't directly linked, but do we really need an excuse to talk about The Bachelor's cutest BFFs? No. The answer is definitely no!

Plus, with the People's Choice Awards just around the corner—they air on Sunday, Nov. 11—we are getting very excited about seeing Tilley at the show and who knows, maybe she will bring Fletcher as her plus one. They are best friends and all!

OK, enough talking, check out Tilley and Fletcher's sweetest BFF moments over the years below and make sure to tune into the 2018 E! People's Choice Awards next month.

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Festival Friends

When Becca Tilley and JoJo Fletcher reunite for a girls' weekend they do it in style...and usually at a music festival. In fact, they've attended so many shows together over the past few years that maybe music is actually in their genes.

Beach Babes

Beach time is the best time when you're with your best friends!

Grey's Anatomy Doubles

Depending on the day, Fletcher is the Cristina Yang to Tilley's Meredith Grey and we just love how much these two love Grey's Anatomy. "I love Yang but Meredith is my queen." - @joelle_fletcher pouting about not getting to be Mer. #pushoneofepi #TGIT #myperson #shedanceslikeyang #greysanatomy," Tilley captioned this photo.

Clothes Swap

In March, Tilley posted this sweet bestie pic and reminisced about fun times with Fletcher and the top she was wearing...which Fletcher may or may not have stolen!

America's Sweethearts

If you spend a patriotic holiday with your ride or die, you have to take a cheeky photo with an American flag, right?!

Concert Goers

When Tilley and Fletcher aren't rocking out alone they grab third member of their squad, Tanya Rad—AKA the Phoebe to their Rachel and Monicafor a fun night out on the town.

Sister, Sister

These two former Bachelor contestants might not be real-life sisters, but they sure do look alike from time to time!

Growing Old Together

When this duo decided to dress up as old ladies for Halloween, we instantly knew that they already had plans to grow old together, which is both adorable and totally funny.

Goofy Gals

When this pair can't find the right pose they opt for goofy and silly snaps instead, and honestly we might love this photo even more than their usual smiley shots.

Nash Bash

In 2017, Tilley celebrated her birthday by "marching into 29" with her BFF Fletcher and we want in on these birthday adventures ASAP.

Birthday Babes

In October 2017, Fletcher gave a sweet birthday shout out to her best friend writing, "I am very lucky to call you my best friend. Love you VERY MUCH MY TOASTER STRUDEL."

Selfie Sisters

Selfies with your sisters are always a good idea.

Desert Fun

In 2016, the duo headed to the desert and all they came back with was this adorable photo!

Bathroom Buddies

"True friends help wash and blow dry each other's fake weave at 2am," Tilley captioned this throwback Bachelor photo and we can't help but laugh at these two on the reg.

Bachelor Or Bust

Airport hangs are better when you have your bestie by your side, which Tilley knows all too well. "When I think of all the amazing things that have come from being on The Bachelor, my very FAVORITE one is YOU! Thanks for being my best friend! I love you," she wrote on this sweet pic in 2017.

Bachelor Besties

Back in their Bachelor days, it was clear pretty early on that these two were a match made in BFF heaven, especially when they took cute selfies like this one.