Kanye West Gives Surprise Twitter Performance From Uganda During Family Trip

The rapper traveled to the African country with wife Kim Kardashian and daughter North West following weeks of controversy

By Corinne Heller Oct 14, 2018 8:13 PMTags

Live from Uganda, it's Kanye West.

The rapper took to Twitter on Sunday to give an impromptu musical performance from the African country, where he is recording his new album after weeks of controversy over his outspoken praise of Donald Trump and other political views.

Kanye traveled to Uganda with wife Kim Kardashian and their eldest child, daughter North West, 5, after taking a more than week-long break from social media following the backlash. On Saturday, he returned to Twitter with a video of him speaking out against "mind control." On Sunday, he posted a video of him performing in and around three dome-like tents, which appear to be part of a pop-up studio. He captioned the video, "Spaceship call earth| 3 Uganda Domes."

Kanye started his impromptu performance sitting on a couch inside one of the tents, while wrapped in the Uganda national flag.

"Relax your mind / Let your conscious be free," Kanye rapped into a microphone, quoting a line from EPMD's 1988 rap hit "You Gots To Chill."

"No matter what they say / I'ma still be me / We're free / We're free," Kanye continued.

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Kanye's new album Yahndi was supposed to drop two weeks ago. He later said on TMZ Live that he didn't finish the record. He said he would travel to Africa to record music for it and release it in November, adding, "Now the alien Ye is like, fully back in mode, off of medication, you know, working out, breaking as much fresh air as possible, thinking, doing, being himself, you know, and when I say being myself, it doesn't mean I'm being Donald Trump. It means I'm being me and I'm punk and I can wear whatever I want 'cause I'm a god."

In the video, Kanye is later seen removing the flag, remaining in an orange T-shirt and black shorts, then getting up as a DJ stops the music, prompting the rapper to tell him, "Don't stop the music unless I say stop the music...turn that music back on, OK? Turn it up. Turn it loud."

Kanye then moved outside and sang the same lyrics before beginning new tracks, during which he freestyled with some "poopy-di scoop" verses.

"Ya'll getting money do ya really fall," he rapped. "Ya'll slaves to money y'all gonna really fall. / Y'all tryin to open up another mall / We gonna open up our souls after all / This right here is the last call."

"Yeah we gonna put it on blast off / yeah, we're gonna put this song on blast off / Yeah yeah we show up with the mask off," he continued. "Yeah, check the space ships, we blast off / Yeah yeah, check the space ships, we blast off."

He made his way back inside and said, "If ya'll f--k with me too much, the hat's coming out. Anytime y'all f--k with me, I got my superpower, the hat gonna come out. Y'all don't wanna see the hat, don't f--k with me." He then complimented a female photographer on her T-shirt.

Kanye, a longtime support of the Republican president, wore a red MAGA cap while appearing on SNL two weeks ago, during which he stirred controversy over an impromptu, onstage pro-Trump speech. He also wore one when he met the U.S. leader at the White House last week. There, the rapper compared his cap to a "Superman cape" and praised and hugged the president. Many people on social media poked fun at both men, as did SNL on Saturday's episode. 

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Kanye had rented out an entire luxury safari lodge for him, his family and his entourage for several days.

Earlier on Sunday, he shared videos of him running in the park while carrying North on his shoulders and a clip of people setting up for his Twitter performance.