Supernatural Returns: A Salute to 14 Seasons of Jared Padalecki's Hair

From floppy to floppier to less floppy, let's take a stroll down memory lane and enjoy all of Sam's looks throughout the years

By Lauren Piester Oct 11, 2018 9:43 PMTags
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It's the greatest day of the year!

Today is the day that Supernatural returns, which means we add another entry to our gallery of Jared Padalecki's hair styles over the course of Supernatural. Now, don't be fooled. It's not a ranking, nor does it contain any real criticism. It is simply what it says it is: a salute to JarPad's hair. An appreciation of those ever-changing, always magical locks. 

It's a gallery we began back in 2015, and we've been carefully curating it ever since, with a new photo added each season with one goal in mind: to marvel at one man's head of hair. 

Now please join us in scrolling down and enjoying. If you scroll far enough down, you might just make it to an appreciation of Jensen Ackles' hair as well! 

A Salute to Jared Padalecki's Supernatural Hair

Season 14 of Supernatural begins tonight at 8 p.m. on the CW, with Sam (Padalecki) on the hunt for Dean (Ackles), who is missing after being possessed by the arcangel Michael at the end of last season. 

Gilmore Girls

Back where it all began: a center part, a Doose's Market apron, and a boyish smile that melted our least for the first season or two. 

Season 1

LOOK AT THE BABIES! Season 1 Sam was still rocking that part, just ever so slightly to the left and with a little more flair than before. (Meanwhile, are you guys seeing Jensen Ackles' pillow lips right now?) 

Season 1

By the end of season one, the part had all but disappeared into a raggedy bowl cut that makes us want to ruffle that whole head of beautiful hair. 

Season 2

The part is back, but less 90's boy band and more broody indie band monster fighter. We dig. 

Season 2

Now that's a rugged, carefree mane we'd be willing to run our hands through after a long day of ghostbusting and demon-slaying, that's for sure. (Oh hey, Adrienne Palicki!) 

Season 3

It's so swoopy! In a cute way. 

Season 4

Mmm. Yes. Season 4 is apparently where the boy became a man, just a season after dying and being resurrected due to his brother's pact with the devil. We get it. And he can get it. 

Season 5

This is some really great hair for accentuating both sideburns and a really great jaw line. Too bad neither of those things are anywhere to be found... 

Season 6

This is getting a bit—dare we say it—helmety for our tastes. Not the most flattering look. 

Season 7

Now THAT is a mutton chop! Or is it? It looks like a tiny boomerang made of hair. It's weird but lovable. 

Season 8

We kind of have this haircut right now, and we do not nearly have the same face shape as good ole' JarPad. One of us has the wrong haircut. Or perhaps both of us? 

Season 9

Yes please and thank you! At times, the long hair doesn't quite work for Sam, but this is one instance where it totally does, and we just wish there were a wind machine nearby to get the full effect. 

Season 10

Ah! It's so round! Hurry up and click to the next slide! 

Season 11

Yes, here we are. Slightly flippy hair that's not too short, not too long, and not too round, plus a nicely bloodied face. This is what dreams and Sams are made of and season 11 was killing it, hair-wise. 

Season 12

It looks a little dirty but we don't mind. It's still Sam Winchester hair perfection.

Season 13

That 'do is looking a little long in season 13, but we will say it does appear to be perfectly conditioned. 

Season 14

These famous locks are looking a little mussed, a little stressed out. Could it be because their brother is possessed by an evil arcangel and is currently missing? Probably. 

Season 15

As Supernatural prepares to say goodbye, we prepare to say goodbye to Jared Padalecki's Supernatural hair. Will he have the same sort of hair journey on his new series Walker? We couldn't possibly know yet, but we're truly excited to find out. 

Season 1

And now it's Jensen Ackles' turn!

Season 15

Just kidding! Dean's been rocking the short-on-the-sides, fluffy-on-top look for 15 years now, and we wouldn't have it any other way.