Kim Kardashian Reunites With Pardoned Inmate Alice Johnson

The two made a joint appearance at Google's headquarters months after Kim successfully lobbied President Donald Trump to commute Alice's life sentence

By Corinne Heller Oct 11, 2018 6:35 PMTags
Watch: Kim Kardashian Reunites With Pardoned Inmate Alice Johnson

Kim Kardashian reunited on Wednesday with Alice Johnson, months after she convinced President Donald Trump to commute her life sentence and release her from prison.

On Thursday, the two made a joint appearance at Google's headquarters in Mountain View, California to speak about mass incarceration reform. Kim, 37, posted a selfie video of her and Alice on Instagram Stories.

"Guess who I'm here with today, guys?" she said. "Miss Alice."

Johnson, 63, was sentenced to life in prison on drug conspiracy and money laundering charges in 1997. In June, Trump commuted her sentence after Kim personally lobbied and met with him to discuss the matter at the White House. Kim later met Alice in person for the first time after the woman was released from prison on parole.

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Kim and Alice's reunion took place the same day the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star's husband Kanye West had lunch with Trump in the Oval Office of the White House to discuss prison reform.

They were joined by Hall of Fame NFL running back Jim Brown, and the president's daughter Ivanka Trump and son-in-law Jared Kushner.

Kanye last met Trump in person at his Trump Tower building in New York City a month after he won the 2016 election. The rapper has increased his vocal support for the U.S. leader in recent months, notably in an impromptu speech onstage at SNL a couple of weeks ago.

"They tried to scare me to not wear this hat," he said, noting his red "Make American Great Again" hat. "My dad and mom separated so there was not a lot of male energy in my home and also I'm married to a family where, you know, there's not a lot of male energy. It's beautiful though."