Nikki Bella Doesn't Want John Cena Split to "Define" Her

Total Bellas star opens up about reliving her break up on the small screen

By Mike Vulpo Oct 11, 2018 8:07 PMTags
Watch: Nikki Bella Doesn't Want Split With John Cena to "Define" Her

If Nikki Bella and John Cena had their ways, they likely wouldn't have to discuss their public breakup anymore.

As if the tabloid frenzy wasn't enough, the Total Divas stars had to relive the split on national TV thanks to their reality show. And believe it or not, some even questioned the authenticity of the breakup.

"When everyone was saying what I was going through was fake for ratings and all that, and when you're really going through it, it's like, you're just, in my heartache you're literally just knifing it and just churning it," Nikki explained in a new interview with Cosmopolitan. "We're both at the point that we just don't want to be talked about at all together anymore. We don't want our breakup to define us or interfere with our work. And that was happening for a while."

During the interview, Nikki revealed that she "can't say his name, legally, anymore." The writer later questioned if it was an inside joke between her and sister Brie Bella or something serious.

Nikki Bella and John Cena's Love Story

Back in April, John and Nikki announced they were parting ways after six years together. While there were some signs that gave fans hope of a reconciliation, Nikki confirmed in July that they officially decided to part ways.

"I had a beautiful and loving 6-year relationship with a wonderful man," Nikki shared at the time. "I have the utmost respect for John, but I know this is what's best for me."

Ultimately, both sisters are grateful for Total Divas and for having the opportunity to share another side of their lives WWE fans may not be used to seeing.

"Total Divas gave us a mainstream platform, letting people really see what the women wrestlers were doing. I think it was the first time even for the WWE universe where they were like, ‘Whoa the women work really hard! And they work hard inside the ring and outside the ring,'" Nikki shared with the publication. "We started to get these people coming to the live events because they wanted to see the Total Divas, and they'd be like, ‘Why did I see women for just two minutes and that was it?'"