Shangela Reveals What It Was Really Like to Work With Lady Gaga on A Star Is Born

"She just makes you feel so at home and ready to do your best work," the RuPaul's Drag Race star recently

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Watch: Shangela Dishes on Working with Lady Gaga on "A Star Is Born"

Shangela, also known as D.J. Pierce, is a Lady Gaga "super fan." So it's no surprise, she had "a blast" working with the singer on the set of A Star Is Born. However, the role also came with a bit of pressure, especially because Shangela said Gaga "handpicked" her to be in the film. Still, Mother Monster was able to calm any nerves.

"She just makes you feel so at home and ready to do your best work," the RuPaul's Drag Race star recently told E! News. "And then, when you see her and she's such a professional but also so kind, it makes you even want to do better."

Shangela would hang out with Gaga in between takes and even learned a few tips from the singer.

"One thing that Gaga taught me was less about makeup and more about how to be just natural through the makeup—really allow your talent to shine through, no matter what you're doing," Shangela said. "So, that's one thing I picked up from her." 

Of course, the TV star was able to teach her a few things, too. 

"Now, from me to her, I'm like, 'Oh sister! Let's get a little extra highlight over here on the side,'—because you know I like to pop that cheek out," she said.

A Star Is Born Through the Years

Shangela also seemed impressed by Gaga's portrayal of Ally.

"She's quite the professional, but I think the true Gaga—the magic of Gaga—is she knows how to dive into any element and really just be comfortable in her own skin," she explained. "I think that's how she was as the character Ally because, you know, Ally is someone who is aspiring towards her dream but she doesn't always have the biggest self-confidence and when Gaga went into that role, in working with her, it felt like she really just took that on."

As for what it was like working with Gaga's co-star and director Bradley Cooper, Shangela said he was "very focused" but still created "such a great space" for everyone to bring their own elements to the role. The TV star also said Cooper was "was 100% in the know when it came to the LGBT scenes in this film."

Watch the video to see the full interview.

A Star Is Born is now in theaters. To see more of Shangela, check out her world tour and visit Shangela.com for details.