Fifty Shades Might Be Jamie Dornan's Claim to Fame, But It's Not His Only Iconic Role: Check Them All Out Here

By Johnni Macke Oct 15, 2018 4:00 PMTags
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Most people know Jamie Dornan as the sexy and arrogant billionaire with kinky sex fetishes, Christian Grey from the Fifty Shades franchise, but that's not is only big role.

In fact, over the years the Irish actor has starred on big television shows such as, Once Upon a Time and the UK's The Fall, which ran for three seasons and had Dornan as the male lead.

Sure, Christian Grey is his standout role, and has earned him a spot as an E! People's Choice Awards finalist for Drama Movie Star of 2018, but he has had a successful career in both TV and film beginning with his 2006 movie debut, Marie Antoinette.

Since his first project, the 36-year-old actor has made a splash in Hollywood with his role as Christian Grey, starring in three Fifty Shades films total, and now he could be your Drama Movie Star of 2018...if you vote for him.

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In order to decide whether or not Dornan is the man you want to take home the PCAs trophy next month, we've rounded up his most memorable roles thus far in his career for you to relive.

Remember when he was the handsome Sheriff Graham Humbert on OUAT? Or what about when he played a World War II solider in Anthropoid

The actor knows how to take on different personas, but no matter who he plays he is always quite a dreamboat.

Take his future role as Will Scarlet in Robin Hood for example. He's going to play one of the Merry Men, and yes, real men wear tights!

Check out all of Dornan's big roles below, and make sure to cast your vote for his category and the rest of the People's Choice Awards categories before the Oct. 19 voting deadline.

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Marie Antoinette

Jamie Dornan's first role ever was in 2006 when he played Count Axel Fersen in Sofia Coppola's Marie Antoinette. In the retelling of the iconic French queen's story, Count Axel Fersen is Marie Antoinette's (Kirsten Dunst) lover and that's only one of the ill-fated queen's vices.

Once Upon a Time

The Irish actor took on the role of Sheriff Graham Humbert on the ABC drama Once Upon a Time beginning in the 2011 pilot episode. He was a recurring character, love interest to Emma Swan (Jennifer Morrison), and eventually portrayed The Huntsman as well on the fairy tale series.

Fifty Shades of Grey

In 2015, Dornan stepped into the shoes of Christian Grey for the first film based on the Fifty Shades of Grey novels. In the film he played the tormented, yet gorgeous billionaire who starts up a romance with literature student Anastasia Steele (Dakota Johnson) filled with love, lust and sex fetishes.


Based on a true story, Anthropoid tells the tale of Operation Anthropoid, which was a World War II mission to assassinate SS General Reinhard Heydrich. As the Reich's third in command, he was the main architect behind the Final Solution and led the Nazi forces in Czechoslovakia. His reign of terror led to Czech and Slovak soldiers, played by Cillian Murphy and Dornan to plan a secret mission that would eventually change the face of history.

The Fall

Dornan starred alongside Gillian Anderson on The Fall, which ran for three seasons in the UK. The series was a psychological thriller that looked at two different types of hunters, a serial killer (played by Dornan) and the detective (Anderson) who was sent to catch him.

Fifty Shades Darker

In 2017, Christian Grey (Dornan) was back at it in Fifty Shades Darker, but this time he was wrestling with inner demons as his love Anastasia (Johnson) tried to calm her envy of women from his past. 

Fifty Shades Freed

Fifty Shades Freed is the final film from the Fifty Shades franchise and it didn't disappoint. In the climax of the trilogy of films, Christian (Dornan) and Anastasia (Johnson) tied the knot, but Jack Hyde wasn't completely out of the picture, which caused some unforeseen complications to their union.

A Private War

A Private War hits theaters in November 2018 and focuses on the story of the most celebrated war correspondent of our time, a woman named Marie Colvin (Rosamund Pike). She has sacrificed everything to tell the stories of what war really looks like, along with a renowned war photographer named Paul Conroy (Dornan). Together they will take on the most dangerous assignment of their lives.

Robin Hood

Robin Hood will tell the tale of the war-hardened crusader that we all know as Robin Hood (Taron Egerton), who steals from the rich to give to the poor. Dornan will play his half-brother, Will Scarlet, in the upcoming film, which premieres on Nov. 21, 2018. He is also one of Robin Hood's Merry Men.