ASHLEE+EVAN: Ashlee Simpson-Ross and Evan Ross Are Getting Ready to Perform Live, But Something's Holding Ashlee Back!

There's something creepy distracting Ashlee as she and Evan prepare for their listening party.

By Mona Khalifeh Oct 10, 2018 12:00 PMTags
Watch: Ashlee Simpson-Ross Is Ready to Perform Live With Evan

It looks like something's giving Ashlee Simpson-Ross the pre-performance jitters.

In this clip from Sunday's season finale of ASHLEE+EVAN, Ashlee and her husband turned musical partner Evan Ross get ready for their listening party where they'll showcase some of their latest tracks.

"I'm trying to get focused, but I feel like I don't know who put you right there, but you're staring at me and now I'm like, really creeped out," Ashlee tells Evan about the life-size cutout of her husband in their dining room.

The cutout, which was a byproduct of Evan's welcome home barbecue, is a bit distracting for Ashlee, but the mom of two pushes it aside and gets down to business.

"Listen, we have this listening party this week," Ashlee reminds Evan. "And I think we should perform a few songs at it. You like that idea?" "100 percent," Evan agrees.

The listening party will be the first time the couple performs their new music live so the vibe has to be just right.

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"I think it'd be so cool. Stripped down, like acoustic. It should just be like, our love," Ashlee suggests. 

"I think that's great. I think we should do that," Evan maintains. "I definitely think that we should do a song because I think just doing a regular release party on music and just playing the music is not as dynamic."

It's a big moment for Ashlee, who is essentially making her return to the stage, but the singer wants to take the focus off that and keep the focus on the beautiful music the couple's made together.

"I just want it to feel good like everything we've been doing has," Ashlee insists. "I love that," Evan echoes.

See Ashlee and Evan prepare for their big performance in the clip above.