A Salute to Grey's Anatomy's Hot Shirtless Doctors

From McDreamy to DeLuca and everyone in between.

By Chris Harnick Oct 05, 2018 5:52 PMTags
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Grey's Anatomy has no shortage of hot docs, and another one joined the ranks in season 15. Alex Landi made his debut as Dr. Nico Kim, the show's first openly gay male surgeon character, in the season 15 premiere alongside Chris Carmack's ortho god, Dr. Atticus Lincoln.

In the Thursday, Oct. 4 episode of Grey's, Landi officially joined another Grey's group: the hot shirtless doctors group. From McDreamy and McSteamy to DeLuca and beyond, Grey's Anatomy has given us so much eye candy. How can we ever repay Shonda Rhimes and Co. for all they have given the world? That's a question we shall continue to ponder. For now, we can ogle, because we deserve nice things, including hot TV doctors.

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Dr. Andrew DeLuca

Giacomo Gianniotti made his debut as Dr. Andrew DeLuca a guest star in season 11, but was upped to series regular shortly after.

Dr. Nico Kim

The newest addition to the roster of attractive shirtless doctors is Alex Landi's Dr. Nico Kim. He's also the first openly gay male surgeon character on the series.

Dr. Ben Warren

Jason George's Ben Warren might be fighting fires on Station 19 now, but back on Grey's he was making us all hot and bothered.

Dr. Owen Hunt

Kevin McKidd gets to helm the drama behind the camera as a director on Grey's Anatomy, and steam up a scene in front of the camera as Dr. Owen Hunt.

Dr. Jackson Avery

Jesse Williams has been making viewers swoon as Dr. Jackson Avery since season six of Grey's.

Dr. Alex Karev

Justin Chambers has been breaking and healing hearts as Dr. Alex Karev since Grey's Anatomy began in 2005.

Dr. Mark Sloan

Eric Dane had many unforgettable "McSteamy" scenes as Dr. Mark Sloan on the hit ABC drama.

Dr. Shane Ross

Gaius Charles' Dr. Shane Ross left the hospital for Switzerland, but not without giving us this shirtless gift.

Dr. Derek Shepherd

Remember when viewers first met Patrick Dempsey's McDreamy on Grey's Anatomy? Such a (not-so) innocent time. RIP Derek.

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