Gabrielle Union Shares an Unexpected Denim Piece That Looks Good on Every Woman

The actress launches her new NY&Co. collection today!

By Alanah Joseph Oct 03, 2018 9:24 PMTags
ESC: Gabrielle Union Collection

Gabrielle Union's new fashion line is for every woman, and there's one piece that she's saying you have to have.

In honor of the launch of her new New York & Company collection today, the L.A.'s Finest star revealed everything that went into designing her under-$100 fashion line, including her inspiration and the pieces she's loving.

"I look to my friends," she told E! News. "People who have to juggle, like my co-star Jessica Alba. She literally created and runs a billion dollar company. She just gave birth to her third human being, and she's on set for 12 hours a day and she still somehow manages to like make meals from scratch and love up on her how? Right? How? Women like that inspire me."

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However, out of the full collection, she's already worn one piece three times: the denim jumpsuit.

"I'm obsessed," she said, referring to the wide-leg jumpsuit. "It's easy to go from day to night. I literally wore it on the beach at a barbecue and then wore it out to dinner and I just changed my heels. I felt so bomb. It looks great on like all body types. It like sucks you in in all the right places. It makes your ass sit up. I try to do at least one denim jumpsuit in every collection and then try to top myself, and I think I have with this one."

The jumpsuit, which features a collared top, wide-leg pants and a waist belt, will be available on Friday for $89.95. And, if you're tired of having to get completely undressed to use the restroom, Gabrielle is solving your problem. This piece is easy to get in and out of.

"A lot of thought of real women who have active lives and you know, who have to pee every so often [went into the designs]," she continued. "I'm thinking of you ladies. How hard is it to get off and get back on? You know there's nothing worse than having to like, basically get naked in a bathroom stall. You have to get like reasonably functionable clothes that still look fly and on trend."

Finally, someone that gets us.