The Walking Dead Cast Reveals the Celebrities They'd Like to Eat in a Zombie Apocalypse

What would Jennifer Lopez taste like? Joaquin Phoenix? The AMC drama stars get into it.

By Chris Harnick Oct 03, 2018 3:00 PMTags
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Characters on The Walking Dead often meet their maker in two ways: shot by a human (either after being bit or just for nefarious reasons) or eaten by zombies. Much of the cast has been dealing with the undead for nine years now, so they've had time to think about this very important question: Which celebrity would they want to eat if they were a zombie?

"Oh goodness," Christian Serratos, Rosita on the show, said when E! News posed that question. "I guess I'd eat my fellow cast members because I just love them so much I'd want to devour them."

Callan McAuliffe, Alden on The Walking Dead, said his choice was Jessica Alba for a long time, but he's changed his mind lately. "Now I think it's [Leonardo DiCaprio]," he said. "Just for the story of the thing, you know? Put it on my Instagram: ‘I ate DiCaprio.'"

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Alanna Masterson, Tara on the AMC drama, went straight for Michael Shannon or Barry Pepper.

"If I could eat any celebrity, I'd like to eat, maybe, Sigourney Weaver. I don't know," Ross Marquand, Aaron on the series, told us.

Pollyanna McIntosh, Jadis on the show, went right for J.Lo. "Probably Jennifer Lopez, she would be quite tasty. She looks like she tastes like honey and oatmeal and would have a foie gras butt," she said.

Click play on the video above to hear more from the ensemble cast, including Jeffrey Dean Morgan's surprising choice.

The Walking Dead returns Sunday, Oct. 7 at 9 p.m. on AMC.