Ryan Reynolds Teases Blake Lively After She Posts Risqué Instagram Photo

It's the latest in their Instagram back-and-forths

By Lena Grossman Sep 29, 2018 11:02 PMTags
Blake Lively, Ryan ReynoldsMichael Simon/startraksphoto.com

Ryan Reynolds has done it again.

The Deadpool star teased his wife Blake Lively in an Instagram comment after she posted a rather risqué photo from her new movie, A Simple Favor. In the picture, Lively stares intensely and directly at the camera while wearing one of her signature suits. What makes this picture remarkable is not the Simple Favor star herself, but what she's holding.

Lively stands at a pristine kitchen counter hoisting a naked man's legs while he holds a martini glass. There's even a subtle homage to her husband. On the counter next to the mysterious man stands a bottle of Aviation Gin, which Reynolds actually owns. She captioned the Instagram "My turn..."

Now, Mr. Deadpool wouldn't allow his wife to get away with that upload scot-free. That's just not the Lively-Reynolds way of life. "He seems nice," Reynolds wrote.

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The happy couple has been known to troll each other on social media all the time. Recently, Reynolds even took that mentality to work and made it a part of an out-of-office e-mail reply. The gin company owner set up an automatic response when fans email his work address, and the message is comprised of his "weekly schedule," which includes "MOMA event for A Simple Favor (No divorce jokes!!)"

Lively has her fair share of social media moments in which she pokes fun at her husband. In June, she posted an Instagram of a poster for her movie with co-star Anna Kendrick and wrote, "@annakendrick47 is the hotter, female(r) version of my husband...so, would it really count as cheating??" 

He, of course, inserted his own two cents. "The most ambitious crossover event in history," he quipped. "I'll miss you both. Tell my story."

As it turns out, Lively and Reynolds are still living the marriage that makes everyone else pretty darn jealous.