9 Times Spencer Pratt Proved He Is the LADYGANG Fan in All of Us

The Hills veteran can't get enough of the LADYGANG

By Alyssa Ray Oct 16, 2018 12:00 PMTags
Watch: "LADYGANG" Premieres Sunday, Oct. 28 on E!

Think you're LADYGANG's number one fan? Think again.

While we're certain you adore Keltie Knight, Becca Tobin and Jac Vanek, we know for a fact that the ladies have a pretty notable superfan. Obviously, we're talking about Spencer Pratt.

Yes, The Hills alum obsesses over crystals and hummingbirds, but he also makes plenty of time for the LADYGANG podcast. And, from what we've seen on Twitter, the Pratt patriarch is eagerly awaiting LADYGANG's TV debut on E! on October 28.

Not only has Spencer previously guest starred on the popular podcast, but he's also vocalized his love for the LADYGANG on social media. No, really!

For the best of Spencer's LADYGANG superfan moments, be sure to take a look at the quotes below.

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Vote! Vote! Vote!

The Hills alum commands his followers to "Vote @TheLadyGang" for Pop Podcast of 2018 at the E! People's Choice Awards.

No. 1 Fan

In fact, Pratt wants LADYGANG to win at the 2018 People's Choice Awards that he retweeted this from @LadyGangTV:

"Hold the phone @TheLadyGang made it to the finals! Tell your LADYGANG to vote by tweeting #THELADYGANG, #ThePopPodcast and #PCAs or vote here: https://pca.eonline.com/#vote/cat43"

One of the Gang

Heidi Montag's husband refers to Keltie Knight, Becca Tobin and Jac Vanek as his "gang gang" on Twitter.

Big Congrats

The MTV celeb practically freaks out upon learning LADYGANG is heading to E!. "Congrats @KeltieKnight @becbecbobec @jacvanek #ladygang," Spencer writes.

A Trio of Tastemakers

"Tastemakers," the father of one gushes online. "@KeltieKnight @jacvanek @becbecbobec aka @TheLadyGang"

All About the Merchandise

Spencer happily admits he's subscribed to LADYGANG's #LADYBOX. "I call it the Gang box since I got it," the Pratt patriarch adds on social media.

An Adoption Request

"Please @TheLadyGang be my tiger moms," Spencer begs to Keltie, Becca and Jac.

Tuning in Everywhere

"Listening to @TheLadyGang @kaitlynbristowe on the gondola," Gunner Pratt's dad confesses from Aspen.

Squad Goals

Per Pratt, the LADYGANG podcast episode featuring Kaitlyn Bristowe "is absolute squad goals."