See the Racy Photos That Got Lana and Rusev in Trouble With the WWE on Total Divas

By Mona Khalifeh Oct 02, 2018 12:00 PMTags
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Lana will do anything to get back on TV, even if it means risking it all at work.

In this clip from Wednesday's' all-new Total Divas, Lana and Rusev get called into talent relations director Mark Carrano's office after their racy photo shoot goes viral.

"I get a call to go to Carrano's office," Lana admits to the camera. "Ugh, back at the principal's office."

"So you guys had a pretty interesting weekend, huh?" Carrano asks the couple. "I'm not a big Twitter guy as you know or Instagram, but the one that I found which was really cool was this one on celebrities uncovered naked, nude photos."

As Carrano proceeds to scroll through the NSFW images, the couple begins to squirm, but not so fast Carrano, it's not what you think!

"Well, we were doing a publicity stunt to promote our movie that is coming out, but the funny part is that we weren't really, really, really naked," Lana explains. "And you gotta trust us on this one," Rusev insists. "You gotta believe us," Lana adds.

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"Hey, did anybody call and say, 'Hey Mark, FYI we're doing this so you can cover our tails so we all don't get in trouble,'" Carrano scolds the wrestlers.

Despite the faux nude photo shoot, the WWE boss reminds Lana and Rusev about the company's guidelines.

"Guys, we work at a PG company. This is unacceptable," Carrano maintains. "What are the eight year old girls who follow you think about this?"

At the end of the day, it all came down to keeping communication open and giving the big boss a heads up.

See Lana and Rusev get reprimanded for their risky photos in the clip above!