Ellen DeGeneres Grills Lady Gaga on Her First Kiss and Celebrity Crush

The A Star Is Born actress also reveals the three things she has to do every day

By Elyse Dupre Sep 27, 2018 2:17 PMTags
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Lady Gaga opened up about her original celebrity crush and very first kiss on Thursday's episode of The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

While playing Ellen DeGeneres' "Burning Questions"—a game in which she and the host answered rapid-fire questions—the six-time Grammy winner revealed Adrien Brody was her first celebrity crush. DeGeneres said hers was Michael Jackson

As for the first person Mother Monster ever kissed, the singer said she shared a smooch with a boy named Austin at summer camp when she was 14 years old. 

"Wow, late," DeGeneres said in regards to the timing of the kiss.

In addition to dishing on these romantic details, the "Poker Face" star shed some light on her TV preferences, noting that 90 Day Fiancé was the one reality show she'd watch every day if she had to choose.

She also revealed her favorite curse word, her favorite body part and the three things she has to do every day. 

Watch the video to hear Gaga's answers.

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Before playing the game, Gaga opened up about her role in her new movie A Star Is Born, in which she stars alongside Bradley Cooper

"Being in this film has been one of the most fulfilling artistic experiences of my life, " she said, "and I'm so very grateful."

DeGeneres praised Gaga's acting in the film and even predicted an Oscar win.

"You know, the reward for me is all in the work," the "Bad Romance" star said. "And the reward for me is all in just it being something that moves you. That's what's most important to me."

However, DeGeneres called "bulls--t," indicating that the trophy would be nice, too.

Gaga told E! News she wanted to become an actress before she even wanted to become a singer. However, she said she "couldn't make it" in the industry because she was "bad at auditioning." However, it looks like DeGeneres spotted her acting abilities early on. She even showed a clip of her encouraging Gaga to act during one of the singer's guest appearances years ago.

Still, DeGeneres teased Gaga wasn't Cooper's first choice for the film and debuted a spoof trailer in which she took on the starring role.

To see the full interview, tune into The Ellen DeGeneres Show at 3:00 p.m. ET.