Single Parents Star Brad Garrett Roasts His Costars, But They Just Want to Hang Out With Him

Taran Killam, Leighton Meester, Kimrie Lewis and Jake Choi dish their karaoke outings and why you should watch their show.

By Chris Harnick Sep 26, 2018 2:22 PMTags
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The characters on ABC's new comedy Single Parents quickly form a tight-knit group. They support each other through thick and thin, sometimes with song, which is something that extends to the cast off camera as well.

"We hang out," Kimrie Lewis told E! News at the 2018 Television Critics Association Press Tour. "A little bit too much."

Those hang outs include karaoke. Like, lots of karaoke.

"We've done karaoke so many times, it's how we can do this show" Leighton Meester told us. "It's why we do it, so we can do karaoke. I basically do karaoke once a week."

"Wow, do you?" Meester's costar Jake Choi asked. "Yeah, give or take," she said.

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"I do it like once or twice and year and it was all with them," Choi said.

The cast assembled in New York for the Upfronts in May and shut down a bar, Taran Killam told us.

"This guy? He's the king of karaoke. I'm just going to say that right now. Any genre of music, you name it," Lewis said, pointing to Killam.

"I'm very good at it," Killam deadpanned.

There's some singing in the premiere episode, and that will continue Killam said. The cast bonding has taken on other shapes aside from karaoke. There's a group text chain that, according to Killam, is just the other cast members trying to get Brad Garrett to leave his house. It doesn't work.

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"Here's the thing: They're all boring, to be honest with you, it's like, ‘Hey, we're going to do karaoke,' and I'm like, [snores]," Garrett said. It's his age, "58 years of some hard living," Garrett said, that keeps him from hanging out. "I like hanging with them, but if they called and said, ‘Hey, we're going to get some soup,' or ‘There's a Golden Girls reunion,' something like that, I'm all over," he said.

Garrett, the only real-life single parent in the Single Parents cast, said he's giving the other actors advice. "Yes, get a pre-nup," he said. "I don't think I'm going to get married again, but if I do, I'm just going to walk down the aisle with half of the stuff I own. Just so she can see it all up front."

"I try to give advice, but they never listen to the old guy because they think I'm jaded, over and not relevant," Garrett joked.

Click play on the videos above to hear more from Garrett about his love for Saturday Night Live (and he does a Ray Romano impression), as well as the cast's five reasons to watch.

Single Parents premieres Wednesday, Sept. 26 at 9:30 p.m. on ABC.