Kaley Cuoco Shares Her One Wish for The Big Bang Theory's Last Season

The CBS star sits down for an interview with the ladies of The Talk

By Cydney Contreras Sep 21, 2018 8:51 PMTags
Kaley Cuoco, 2017 Golden Globe After PartyJohn Sciulli/Getty Images for InStyle

Kaley Cuoco has one last wish before The Big Bang Theory comes to an end. 

"I'd like to learn Penny's last name," she joked, while visiting the hosts on the set of The Talk. And if that doesn't happen in the course of the 12th and final season then she'd at least like "for the elevator to be fixed."

Otherwise, she is simply sad to see her time as Penny come to an end. In the nearly 11 years since the show has been on air, the cast and crew have been nominated for 52 awards and won 10. Kaley held back tears as she shared, "This show is really special and it has changed my life." 

As for her plans after the show's finale, Cuoco is looking forward to enjoying married life and taking on larger projects at her production company, where she has started to dabble in producing. 

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In July, the actress wed Karl Cook at his horse farm in San Diego. However, only recently has she been able to savor married life, now that she's recovered from shoulder surgery. On the bright side of things, her surgery helped her to really appreciate Karl since "he really had to dive in and take care of me after the wedding," including doing her hair.

Not that the star was totally dependent on her husband. After awhile she got tired of sitting around and decided to go to the gym, even if it meant only using one arm. "Injured or not you can still have a badass workout. I'm absolutely dead and ready to eat something," Kaley previously said on her Instagram Story.