Kylie Jenner Gives Birth and Brings Stormi to Her First Kar-Jenner Family Dinner on KUWTK

Kylie gives birth to daughter Stormi and enjoys her first few weeks as a new mom.

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Kylie Jenner is a mom!

While the makeup mogul was able to keep her pregnancy the "best kept secret of our generation," on this week's Keeping Up With the Kardashians, she shared some of her journey with the world in a video she and boyfriend Travis Scott dedicated to their daughter, Stormi Webster.

"Like, I'm not trying to keep a secret, I'm doing this for myself," Kylie insisted.

But despite the world's shock and awe at Kylie's young foray into motherhood, it's a role her family always saw her in.

"Kylie's always wanted to be a mom so this is really exciting for her," Kim Kardashian admitted to the camera. "She just didn't want anyone changing her happy moment and her happy pregnancy, so I'm really proud of her that she stuck to her guns and was able to tell her story her way."

"I can already tell that Kylie is gonna be the most amazing mom and is so in love with her baby," proud grandmother Kris Jenner added.

Kim Kardashian Says Kylie Jenner Pregnancy Is "Best Kept Secret"
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As with most things in the Kardashian-Jenner family, Kylie's delivery was a family affair and grandma Kris was the first to get in on the action.

"How did she do for her labor?" big sister Kourtney Kardashian asked.

"She did really, really well," Kris revealed. "She just kept saying, 'I just don't feel any pain' and you'd see these contractions like crazy and she would go, 'I'm just not feeling it' and I'm like, 'This is really weird.'"

Kris didn't just help Kylie push, she helped Stormi make her debut.

"I delivered the baby!" Kris exclaimed. "She told me," Kourtney replied.

"I didn't hear that," a surprised Kim chimed in. "I delivered the baby. I pulled her out," Kris maintained. 

It wasn't long after that Kylie took baby Stormi to one of Kris' infamous Kar-Jenner family dinners where she was adorned with plenty of hugs and kisses.

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Watch: Kim Kardashian Says Kylie Jenner Pregnancy Is "Best Kept Secret"

"OK so now that it's like all said and done, what's your real take on pregnancy?" Kim asked her little sister. 

"I like it. I miss it," Kylie revealed. "I had like the easiest pregnancy ever. You never feel alone and like I was really sad to not be pregnant anymore."

With Chicago West in the picture, all that's left is for Khloe Kardashian to give birth and complete the trifecta.

"Khloe, I'm just so excited for you," Kylie gushed. "I can't wait."

"I'd like to raise a glass and make a toast to Khloe," Kris announced to the family. "Another little Kardashian that you're bringing into the world. Next they'll be nine!"

"Stormi's not gonna be the new girl in town anymore," Kylie chimed in. "Chicago was like the new girl in town for like a day," Kim joked. "Two weeks," Kylie clarified.

"Stormi's got three months, maybe as the new girl," Kourtney added.

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"Anyone else pregnant?" Kylie asked jokingly. "Nope, but," Kim trailed off. "Just kidding."

You never know, just one more baby makes a perfect ten!

Watch the video above to see everything that went down on this week's episode.

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