Emmys 2018: See the Stars' Most Candid Moments

The best parts of award shows are the ones we didn't see coming.

By Samantha Schnurr Sep 18, 2018 12:16 PMTags

The best parts of award shows are the ones we didn't see coming. 

In the mix of Queer Eye's Fab Five becoming best friends with all of our favorite stars and The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel leading the winners pack with five victories, there were also unexpected moments like a proposal on live TV (!) and comedian Hannah Gadsby stealing the show with her hilarious bit while presenting. 

As is the nature of every award show, there's only so much you can plan before things take on a life of their own. Plus, with so many actors in the same room, the facial expressions and reactions alone are a sight to be seen. 

Then, of course, there's what happens before the show on the red carpet, where we get to see the stars strike their poses in their designer duds, mingle with fellow celebrities they might not otherwise meet in their daily lives and catch up with beloved co-stars. 

Emmys 2018 Candid Moments

Needless to say, the whole event is the perfect time to look out for some picture-perfect candid moments—and we've gathered up a bunch of them. 

From Sterling K. Brown helping his wife Ryan Michelle Bathe with her train to Emmy winner Alex Borstein giving her new statues a lick for the cameras, click the link for E!'s gallery above for the most candid moments of the star-studded night.