5 Things We Learned About Lady Gaga From Vogue's 73 Questions

"Born This Way" singer reveals her thoughts on feminism, fashion and more

By Mike Vulpo Sep 13, 2018 6:05 PMTags
Lady GagaScott Legato/Getty Images for Live Nation

Ask and you shall receive!

As Lady Gaga continues to support her upcoming movie A Star Is Born with Bradley Cooper, the actress and singer participated in Vogue's 73 Questions series on YouTube.

Lucky for Fame Monsters around the world, the Grammy winner was ready to dish and share some interesting facts about her career thus far.

Whether discussing her unforgettable red carpet looks or the craziest rumors she's seen in the press, Lady Gaga was ready to talk.

But don't take our word for it! Watch the video and take a look at five big things we learned about the pop music superstar below.

Lady Gaga's Most Memorable Grammys Looks

1. Fashion Talks: When it comes to taking risks on the red carpet, Lady Gaga is more than willing to participate. But out of all the looks fans have seen, one sticks out above the rest. "The number one look in my career I'd say is at the MTV Music Awards when I wore Alexander McQueen from his very last collection before he died," she confessed. "I like that fashion can both be a form of expression and a form of hiding."

2. They Said What?!: It's no secret that Lady Gaga has faced her fair share of tabloid headlines. But is there one that sticks out for being completely crazy? "That I have a penis," she confessed to Vogue. What is true? "It is 100 percent correct that I love authentic people," she added.

3. Go Women: During the interview, Lady Gaga was quick to identify herself as a feminist. "I think feminism is the fight for women's rights for equality and also to protect women as much as possible within rape culture," she shared. "To my young female fans, I would say your body belongs to you. Your mind belongs to you. Your emotions belong to you and always be true to yourself and exercise what you want to be all the time and if you don't feel comfortable doing something, then don't do it. Stay true to who you are."

4. Gaga's Legacy: At the end of the day, Lady Gaga would like to be remembered in a certain way amongst the music community and fans alike. "I would like to be remembered for the message behind Born This Way," she shared. "I would like to be remembered for believing that people are equal. I would like to be remembered for being courageous and different."

5. Singer's Choice: While Lady Gaga was quick to express her love for Elton John and her other famous friends, there is one duo that she loves to channel when doing karaoke. Her No.1 song of choice? Andrea Bocelli and Celine Dion's "The Prayer."