Watch Blake Lively Meet Her "Mom" for the First Time at the A Simple Favor Premiere

See what happened on the red carpet at the A Simple Favor screening in New York City this week

By Jess Cohen Sep 13, 2018 6:19 PMTags
Watch: Blake Lively Meets Her "A Simple Favor" Mom For First Time

Blake Lively just met her mom for the first time...her movie mom, that is!

Earlier this week, the 31-year-old star hit the red carpet for the premiere of her new film, A Simple Favor, at the Museum of Modern Art in New York City. While Lively was doing an interview with E! News, her movie mom Jean Smart politely stepped in to meet the actress. Even though Lively and Smart play mother and daughter in A Simple Favor, they actually don't share any screen time together in the film, thus, their first meeting at the premiere.

"She's my mom!" Lively told E! News. "Not in real life, in the movie. We haven't met yet, so you have the exclusive of me meeting my mother."

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Watch: Jean Smart Talks Playing Blake Lively's Mom

"This is like an episode of...what's the show? Jerry Springer!" Lively told Smart as they shared a laugh.

Smart later told E! News, "That's the crazy thing about this business, you can be in a movie with somebody and never, ever meet them. Sometimes you meet them in a hair and makeup trailer...I worked with Kiefer Sutherland for a year and never had a scene with him. But we would see each other in the hair and makeup trailer."

Watch the videos above to see Lively and Smart's meeting and see Lively compare the film to her real life!

A Simple Favor hits theaters on Sept. 14.