Noah Centineo isn't afraid to get a little "textual." 

"It's like sexual with texts. Get it?" he said.

The To All the Boys I've Loved Before star sat down with E! News to decipher the dos and don'ts of texting and reveal how he likes to let someone know he's interested.

The 22-year-old actor covered all of the basics. He revealed that "…" is passive aggressive and that a "u up?" message usually means some smooching and cuddling is on the brain. He also admitted he's sent a few "u up?" messages of his own.

"Happens to me sometimes," he added. "Every now and again you're like 'Yo. It's late. I want to get a little freaky.'"

He also shed a little light on his texting strategies. For instance, he's a fan of voicemails and of the nerd face emoji. He also said he'll send someone a winking face or smirking face emoji if he's trying to flirt. 

As for those wondering how to make the first move and slide into someone's DMs, Centineo covers this, too. Although, he admitted "there's really no good way to do this."

"I think the best way that I could possibly do it is be like, 'Hey!'" he said. 

To see him tackle more topics—like drunk texting an ex, knowing the difference between "k" and "OK" and sending risqué photos—check out the video.

Fans can see more of Centineo by checking out his latest film, Sierra Burgess Is a Loser, on Netflix starting Sept. 7.

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