Will Evan Ross Choose Wife Ashlee Simpson-Ross Over an Acting Role on ASHLEE+EVAN?

A movie part may derail the ASHLEE+EVAN stars' album plans

By Alyssa Ray Sep 10, 2018 3:00 AMTags
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Ashlee Simpson-Ross is back and ready to make music, only this time husband Evan Ross is along for the ride.

Yes, the "Pieces of Me" singer has stepped back into the limelight thanks to her new E! docu-series ASHLEE+EVAN. On the premiere episode of ASHLEE+EVAN, we got an update on the Melrose Place alum's life as she had previously taken a step back from stardom to raise her two kids, Jagger Snow Ross and Bronx Mowgli Wentz.

"She's had an incredible career. She went on to create an album that sold 10 million around the world," Evan proudly stated in a confessional. "She made a clear decision to be a mother and step away from it for a minute."

However, thanks to a break in her man's work schedule, Ashlee was ready to throw herself into a new musical endeavor with Evan. Thankfully, the break from the music scene allowed Simpson-Ross to put certain aspects of her career in the past.

Specifically, the mother of two revealed how she had moved on from her 2004 Saturday Night Live debacle.

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"You know, I had finished my album and it was out and 'Pieces of Me' was number one and then all of sudden, you know, s--t happened and it was like boom," Evan's wife recalled. "And the world hated me for this SNL moment I had."

While the situation certainly "sucked," the "Boyfriend" artist refused to let the controversy define her and even went on to make two additional albums.

"For me, it was the most humbling experience of my life, because the whole world thinks everything that you just put your heart and soul into writing is a joke," the ASHLEE+EVAN star continued. "And that sucked."

Regardless, Ashlee found the ultimate partner in Evan as he admitted that he was eager to collaborate musically with his wife. Yet, since the Star actor was in high demand, he wasn't certain he'd be around to follow through on their album plans.

"You know I'm doing that movie in three months?" Evan asked his friend Jaz during a sit-down. "They want me to do another project that would start in a week from now."

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Although the job was a great opportunity for Ross, he was reluctant to tell Ashlee about the big news…even though he really wanted to pursue the project.

"I don't keep things from my wife, but I do wait because I already know exactly what she's gonna do, she's gonna lose her mind if I tell her I'm leaving again," Evan confessed to the camera. "She's not scary, but she's a little bit scary at times."

Ultimately, over a romantic dinner, Evan ended up telling Ashlee about the potential gig. "Truthfully, I'm gonna do whatever is right for us," Jagger's dad vowed.

"I was kind of excited about doing our music and finally focusing on that," Ashlee responded. "It just kind of makes me sad because, it's like never a priority."

We're sure this news was particularly hard on Ashlee as she had just overcome "mom guilt" to start working again. Earlier in the episode, Ashlee admitted to pals Naz Tokio and Stephenie that she had been reminding herself "it's okay" to work.

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"I was so excited to get back to working and getting in the studio," Ashlee further relayed amid a conversation with bestie Lauren. "And I thought working with him on an album would be nice ‘cause we could actually be together and, you know, have the kids around…It would be something amazing and I'm in a difficult position."

Ashlee and Evan eventually put their differences aside, which was necessary as they headed out to a Ross family reunion in Connecticut. In case you forgot, Evan is icon Diana Ross' son. Not only does Evan have nine siblings, but his older sister is Black-ish leading lady Tracee Ellis Ross.

Of course, being surrounded by all this family inspired Evan to ask Ashlee about expanding their own brood.

"You want to have another baby?" a stunned Ashlee asked her husband.

"We need to have another one, might as well do it now-ish," Evan quipped back. "You don't want to have another baby right now?"

Nevertheless, at this time, music was the twosome's main focus. In the hope of getting feedback on their sound, Ashlee and Evan turned to Ross matriarch Diana for advice.

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The pair played the Supremes lead singer their romantic track "I Do" and received high praise from the industry legend.

"That's so wonderful because it's a song that you can sing to him, you can sing to your child, a parent can sing to kids," Diana gushed in the studio. "It's just really great."

After returning home to Los Angeles, Evan decided to pass on the movie role that would take him away from his family. "I called and I let them know I wasn't doing the movie," Evan confirmed to a happy Ashlee. "I don't feel any qualms about it at all."

Per Evan, he wanted to be home so that he wouldn't miss any family moments. "I truly know that this is where I want to be," the ATL actor concluded.

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