Selena Gomez Reveals What Inspired Her New Coach Collection

Check out what the "Back to You" singer has to say

By Alanah Joseph Sep 07, 2018 12:00 AMTags
Watch: Selena Gomez Shows Off Latest Coach X Selena Gomez Collection

"Never perfect. Always me."

Perhaps you've noticed the gold-printed cursive on the Selena Gomez x Coach collection and wondered why the pop star chose this self-deprecating and down-to-earth quote, or why an adorable bunny is the focus of many of the designs. Search no more—all of your questions have been answered. From the nightgown-inspired dress to the addition of the fanny pack, the star gave E! News a tour of the Coach store, located at The Grove in Los Angeles, and shared everything you want to know about her line.

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On the bunny...
The reason I wanted the bunny to kind of be the symbol of it is like safety blanket feeling, where you bring a teddy bear with you. It represents your favorite thing that you hold on to is never perfect. There's always something wrong with it.

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On the Selena Slip Dress...
This is what I'm wearing: this sweet, little silk number. I love this and the reason why I designed it this way is because I love wearing dresses with sneakers. Obviously, I'm wearing heels with it. And, I don't know if any girl feels me on this, but when I wear something too revealing up here, I love something to cover it up, just to make me feel good.

On the Selena Belt Bag...
This is my favorite! It's actually neat because I don't like carrying things some times. Some times I just want to put [my bag] around [me] or put it to go. People were making fun of that, but they're like a thing, so...

On the overall collection...
Everything is easy. Classic, simple, easy—I love it...Originally, when I worked with Coach, we started with handbags. This has evolved into something really cool. Stuart Vevers, who is the head designer for Coach, inspired me to basically create my whole wardrobe line, so my friends can wear it, so I can wear it. He knows me very well, so he wanted something that I could put my stamp on.

For more, watch the video above!

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