Top Models Reveal What It's Really Like to Walk in New York Fashion Week

Model Squad's Devon Windsor, Hannah Ferguson and Shanina Shaik reveal what it takes

By Alanah Joseph Sep 05, 2018 9:04 PMTags
ESC: Hannah Ferguson, Devon Windsor, Model SquadBryan Bedder/Getty Images

While modeling for top designers during New York Fashion Week seems like a glamorous job, there's more to it than meets the eye.

From what we see, beautiful women put on designer garments, strut down the runway with flawless makeup and hair, then head to exclusive industry parties, wearing drool-worthy clothing. It's no wonder why so many women audition to participate in the event. People dream about living this lifestyle.

Yet, what we see from post-event photos is only a preview of what's it's really like to be a model.

"It can be glamorous, but a lot of it is hard work and you take a lot of risks," Model Squad star Shanina Shaik told E! News. "We make a lot of sacrifices for our jobs."

To demonstrate the work ethic and endurance required, her co-star Hannah Furguson gave us an overview of her typical day:

"I'm waking up early and I'm going to shows and fittings," she said. "Then, I go back to my hotel room with just enough time to throw on an outfit for an event and then I rush to the event. You know it's literally so busy that you have days where you're like 'Oh gosh, I haven't eaten yet today' and it's like evening and you're missing dinner because you haven't eaten all day, it goes by so quick."

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Skipping meals, devouring snacks and running non-stop seems to be normal for the cast of Model Squad. Their commitments far outweigh their free time. However, if you're a model hopeful, don't let this deter you. At least you're doing all of this with your friends.

"I love New York Fashion Week because it's a hub where I can meet all of my girlfriends and hang out and go to great parties," Shanina continued. "It's a lot of fun."

It's a lot, period. And, finally we know exactly what happens between the flashes of NYFW cameras, thanks to Shanina, Hannah and fellow cast member Devon Windsor. Check out what it really takes to rock the runway below!

Getting Dressed Is More Than a Notion

Street style may be one of the best parts of fashion week, but it takes effort to look this good. Luckily, these models have a personal stylist to curate their outfits.

"I like waking up super early like 8am," Shanina Shaik told us. "I do my morning routine of cleansing and toning. From there, I have a stylist. Her name is Chloé Bartoli. We usually put outfits together for fashion week."

Chloé, who also styles Alessandra Ambrosio and Shay Mitchell, helped the model put this epic look together, complete with a leopard-printed Peter Dundas skirt, white T-shirt and YSL belt.


Makeup Changes

According to this pro, models change their beauty as often as their clothes.

"Once I'm at the show, I go into hair and makeup," she shared. "I like to bring makeup wipes with me. I like Neutrogena—really simple. [I prefer] the blue packaging. Then, I go home and do my hair and makeup again and head to party and take pictures. It's a really long day, especially when you add a workout in between."

Events Aren't Optional

"It's expected that we attend. It does help. It's a place where we can network. I find that I've booked a lot of clients because I met them at events and got to know them on a personal level. They get to see my personality as well. I don't drink a lot, but if I do, I'm a tequila girl. Usually, the parties are more fun towards the end, when everyone can let loose and celebrate."

You Have to Be Your Own Makeup Artist

"I am not so bad actually at doing my own makeup so for more low key events I'll do my own but for something like Harper's Bazaar Icons Party, I would definitely get a makeup artist or a hair artist if I had time," Devon Windsor said. "Sometimes I'm so pressed for time though that I have to keep my glam from the day and I just add a red lip."

In terms of makeup products, the star finds a lot of her favorites at the drugstore:

"I actually love Maybelline, who has this mascara that's yellow with purple writing," she said, referring to the brand's Volum' Express The Colossal Mascara. "Then I love Revlon lipstick shades. They have great lipsticks."

Skin-Care Is Key to Standout Makeup

While talented makeup artist await the arrival of models, a flawless complexion is necessary. Thus, models spend ample time taking care of their skin.

"I'm a firm believer in exfoliation because of all the makeup that we get put on our skin," Devon revealed. "Living in New York, there's so much pollution, it's really good to just give your skin a reboot and get off all those dead skin cells. Then, moisture is everything just because my skin gets dried out so much from putting on makeup and pulling it off all day that I love face masks."

Sitting Front Row Is Much Easier Than Being in the Show

"I love watching the shows because I thoroughly enjoy fashion in general. I totally appreciate everything that those models are going through and that they have to get there three hours before and go through glam and all I had to do was show up and sit down and enjoy it so it's just much more of an enjoyable experience when you just get to sit back, relax and kind of take it all in, so I love walking but I definitely don't mind just being able to put my feet up and enjoy."

It's a Busy, Even If You Aren't Walking in Shows

"A typical NYFW day would start it off with a couple of castings for a show or sittings," Hannah Furguson told us. "Then, there are so many events that take place during fashion week, if I'm not walking in any shows, there's a lot of events, so it's a very long day."

Protein Bars Are Key to Maintain Your Energy

"I generally travel with some protein bars, like right now I travel with Bullet Proof Protein Bars, which is nice because it has collagen in. It's supposed to be good for your skin. I travel with those and then I always have water on me so I usually have a big water bottle I just refill, refill refill and have it everywhere I go."

When It's All Over, It's Nice to Return Home

"You start out fresh and end up like a zombie," she told us. "[By the end,] I'm just ready you know to get home and sleep in my own bed and be with my boyfriend and my dog and be home. It's so hard to be travelling and eating out of restaurants all the time. We really enjoy cooking at home. You just kind of hit a wall and become a zombie and you're ready to get back home."