Evan Ross Exposes Wife Ashlee Simpson-Ross' "Gross" Food Habit on ASHLEE+EVAN

Allegedly, the ''Pieces of Me'' singer loves this condiment

By Alyssa Ray Sep 05, 2018 12:00 PMTags
Watch: Evan Ross Tells Ashlee Simpson-Ross' Dirty, Little Secret

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.

In this clip from the premiere of ASHLEE+EVAN, Ashlee Simpson-Ross and Evan Ross try to get a handle on their family's schedule while in the kitchen for breakfast. However, the love birds' conversation gets side-tracked when the Star actor realizes their refrigerator is low on food items.

"Is there really only one egg?" Ross inquires to his wife.

"You can have the egg. You can have the one egg," the "Pieces of Me" singer quips back. "It's all yours."

Understandably, Evan is bummed about the lack of food since "one egg is not gonna do anything" for him. In an attempt to save the morning meal, Ashlee asks her man if he'd like toast.

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"Toast is good," Evan remarks. "You got that spray butter?"

"No spray butter," Simpson-Ross responds. "It's so bad for you."

This stance shocks Evan as, apparently, Ashlee used to "love that stuff."

"Well yeah, I mean, I grew up having it," the former MTV star adds. "But it's not good for you."

Per Evan, Ashlee used to spray the butter in her mouth…a fact the mother of two would like to keep secret from the on-looking ASHLEE+EVAN crew. "That's so gross! I did not do that," Ashlee concludes. "Please don't tell them that."

Watch the funny conversation play out in the clip above!