These Buzzworthy Procedures Promise Jessica Biel-Like Skin

Aesthetician Nurse Jamie reveals how to get rid of stubborn fat and uneven skin

By Alanah Joseph Aug 27, 2018 11:46 PMTags
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Nurse Jamie is widely known as a go-to skin expert for Hollywood A-listers before the red carpet.

Smile lines? Under-eye bags? Growing double chin? The co-owner of LA-based Beauty Park Medical Spa has the answers. The aesthetician produces a collection of products that can help you address these issues from the comfort of your home (i.e. the facial massager Jenna Dewan swears by), as well offers a number of in-spa procedures that will give you results fast.

For celebrities that are facing the pressure of the red carpet, in which cameras are shooting every angle of their face and body, Nurse Jamie's cutting-edge techniques perfects their skin and body in ways that fitness, diets and a top-of-line skin-care cannot. 

As the 2018 red carpet season begins, the expert is telling E! News everything you want to know about Hollywood's buzzworthy procedures.

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Procedure 1: Microdosing Filler

Referred to as "a new spin on the Vampire Facial," Nurse Jamie uses mosquito needles made of gold (approximately the size of a hair) to make perforations in the skin. This tricks the body into thinking the skin is injured, causing it send collagen into the area. When clients say they want skin that looks like Jessica Alba or Jessica Biel's, this is the procedure she recommends.

Cost: $500 per treatment

Recommended Number of Treatments: 2-3 sessions every year

Length of Time Before Seeing Results: Immediately, but skin will be optimal after two weeks 

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Procedure 2: Chin SculpSure

This skin-care technique is a favorite of male stars that want a Leonardo Dicaprio-inspired jawline. By putting on the headgear that Nurse Jamie says will make you "look like Regina from Mean Girls" (after the accident) for 25 minutes, the laser reduces fat in the chin area by 24 percent, getting rid of double chins or unwanted fat deposits in the area.

Cost: $600 per treatment

Recommended Number of Treatments: 1-3 sessions

Length of Time Before Seeing Results: Immediately, but you'll see best results after two weeks

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Procedure 3: Brabella

Even when you workout really hard and perfect your diet, there are stubborn parts of the body that don't respond like your armpits or parts of your back. This is where Kybella, an acid that dissolves fat cells after being injected with a needle, comes into play. The ideal candidate is someone that is already at their ideal body weight, but wants to tone very specific areas that they're having trouble with. 

Cost: $600 - $1200, depending on the targeted area

Recommended Number of Treatments: 1 session

Length of Time Before Seeing Results: After two weeks. Clients may experience swelling or bruising before that.