Kristin Cavallari Scolds Shannon After a Botched Home Goods Launch on Very Cavallari: "I'm Glad You're Crying"

By Mona Khalifeh Aug 23, 2018 2:00 PMTags
Watch: Kristin Cavallari Explodes on the Uncommon James Team

Kristin Cavallari is seriously unhappy with her Uncommon James team right now.

After noticing a pricing glitch on their website for the brand's new home goods line, Kristin goes into the store to confront the girls about the snafu in this clip from Sunday's season finale of Very Cavallari.

"Brittainy, so what's goin' on?" an annoyed Kristin asks. "So it was assuming that the serving board is the same weight as this," head of operations Brittainy Taylor explains. "So, it's fixed. We ended up doing by weight so they're fine now."

Brittainy's not the only one who dropped the ball. Social media head Shannon Ford sent out a faulty newsletter than left home goods in the dust.

"Your newsletter, 'Click the photo above!' and you can't click the photo above. That's a huge problem on a launch day, a launch day!" Kristin scolds.

"I know, I just, I don't have the link if I don't know the link," Shannon insists.

But Kristin isn't here for Shannon's excuses.

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"Well then ask someone for the f--king link," the entrepreneur snaps back.

The technical glitch not only cost the company sales, it made Uncommon James look bad.

"Home goods needed to have its moment and it got completely f--ked. Do you understand? I worked my ass off for this thing!" the Uncommon James heads scoffs.

"The newsletter ruined the whole moment?" Shannon retorted. "Shannon, you can't click the f--king photo to shop, that's a big deal. Don't act like it's not a big deal," Kristin yells.

The conversation got so heated, that the Uncommon James boss had to close the office door to keep customers from hearing their spat.

"I woke up this morning so excited to check the orders. Your newsletter went out and we had to take them off the website. That's so f--king bad. That looks so bad on me 'cause it all falls on me, it doesn't fall on you guys," Kristin tells the Uncommon James team. "I'm glad you're crying. I'm glad you give a f--k. This is my whole f--king world right now and it got f--ked this morning."

See Kristin lay down the law in the clip above.