Lily Aldridge's Nashville Home Will Make You Wish You Lived In The 1930s

Take a look inside the Victoria's Secret model's southern estate

By Carissa Almendarez Aug 08, 2018 8:03 PMTags
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When Lily Aldridge is not walking down the runway, she's relaxing with her rock star hubby Caleb Followill and 6-year-old daughter Dixie in their bohemian, 1930s Tudor revival home in Nashville, Tenn.

Just recently, Architectural Digest stepped inside the 32 year-old model's humble abode to share where, and how, the runway beauty kicks up her feet when she's not busy traveling the world. Aldridge, a California native, decided to uproot her home when she fell in love with Followill, also known as the lead singer of Kings of Leon.

She admitted, "We both travel a lot for work, but we do everything in our power to go in and out as fast as possible so we can have a normal life here."

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Aldridge confessed that moving into the elaborate home took some convincing. She immediately fell in love with the home but mentioned,"My husband, on the other hand, wanted to move into a different house." So as we all do, the Victoria's Secret model called up her close pals and design team Louisa Pierce and Emily Ward of Pierce & Ward, who have also designed for Leonardo DiCaprio and Dakota Johnson

The result was an eclectic mix of English romanticism and Moroccan royalty with Persian accents. Now, all you fans out there know exactly what to say when explaining to an IKEA employee your vision for your new place. Simple enough!

Aldridge explained that her creative friends opened her eyes to all the decor possibilities she never before thought of. She illustrated, "They've definitely taught me that it's important to mix. Before, I would go into a sales gallery and be like, Yes, yes, yes. Then I'd get home and realize, Wow, my house looks like a showroom."

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So what does one do in such a beautiful and relaxing home? Aldridge declared that her home is based on comfort and openness. Her home is equipped with a fancy and exquisite dining room but she disclosed, "I don't think we've ever had one dinner in there." Instead, they take their meals in the more open breakfast room.

Her favorite past time though, is enjoying the company of others in the space she so meticulously created to be welcoming. She shared with AD, "I love hosting playdates and having people over. It's an important part of keeping a house feeling alive."

Well, safe to say we would happily come over for a play date any time!

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