Adam Pally Once Asked Jennifer Lopez Out—And It Didn't Go Well

Actor shared his embarrassing rejection story with Stephen Colbert

By Jess Cohen Aug 02, 2018 7:08 PMTags

Adam Pally was once rejected by Jennifer Lopez, in front of all of his classmates.

The 36-year-old Dog Days actor recalled the embarrassing exchange he had with the "On the Floor" singer during his appearance on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert on Wednesday. Pally, who attended The New School in New York City, talked to host Stephen Colbert about having to go to an Inside the Actors Studio taping about 15 years ago in order to graduate. The comedian, who was 21 at the time, explained that he went to "half of one" at the end of the season where James Lipton interviewed Lopez.

During the taping, there's a time where audience members get to ask the celebrity guest a question, but when the microphone got to Pally he "blacked out" and decided to do a bit.

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Pally went on to tell Colbert that he stood up and called Lopez by her nickname "J.Lo," but she quickly corrected him, "Jennifer."

"Right away I was like, 'Oh God, this is bad, this is bad!' But I powered through," Pally shared, adding that he also brought up her then-recent split with Ben Affleck. "And I was like I know that you've recently gone through a breakup with Casey Affleck—don't know why I said that—to which then she quickly responded, 'Ben.'"

Pally then told Lopez that he too had recently gone through a breakup and felt like they had a "connection."

"Then I went even further—so dumb—and I was like, 'So if you'd like to maybe, after your taping of this, I rented a DVD of the movie Big Fish...'"

So how did Lopez respond? "She was very sweet, she was like, 'Oh no, thank you very much.' And it didn't get a laugh, obviously, and I was like horribly embarrassed."

Watch the video above to see how Inside the Actors Studio host Lipton reacted to Pally's bit with Lopez!