Kylie Jenner Tests Out Lip Kit Filters With Caitlyn Jenner

Two stars spent some quality time together trying on colors

By Samantha Schnurr Aug 02, 2018 6:01 PMTags

Caitlyn Jenner, allow Kylie Jenner to explain Instagram filters. 

The two appeared to be out and about when they took a moment to try out the makeup mogul's latest feature on the social media app. 

"I launched my Instagram filter," the 20-year-old confirmed into the camera. The feature allowed users to virtually try on some of the Kylie Cosmetics maven's lip colors.

"It just makes you look flawless with a little lash," Kylie described the filter. "I never have to leave the house without lipstick anymore." 

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However, before trying it out together, Caitlyn wasn't sure what the filter was. 

"What is an Instagram filter?" she asked. "Because I saw 'Kylie is using Instagram filter'—what the hell is that?"

She quickly learned exactly what it does when Kylie turned the camera in her direction, which resulted in a new blue pout for the retired Olympian. "Ooh!" Caitlyn reacted. 

With the reality star's 21st birthday just days away, it's nice to see the two enjoying some quality time together!