The Super-Cool, Next-Gen Face Treatments Celebrities Are Getting Now

See how Hollywood gets there glow

By Delaney George Aug 03, 2018 12:08 AMTags
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Let's face it: We can buy all the DIY facials we want but nothing compares to getting that celebrity-like glow from a spa.

In Hollywood, you can find a spa on every corner offering the latest beauty treatments, from Hydra facials to Vampire facials to UV light facials. How can a beauty buff decide?

Luckily for you, we've mapped out the hottest ones you've just got to try. Celebs like Hailey Baldwin, Katy Perry and more housewives than we can count have all tried these new age facials, and you're next.

Search no further—your fabulous new skin is just a scroll below.

Hailey Bieber's Best Looks
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Lunch Break Lift:

Boring doctors' offices and repeat skin treatments are a thing of the past. The celebrity-loved Le Jolie Spa is offering a new treatment you can get in 45 minutes (yep, you read right). The chic and trendy photo-worthy salon is introducing the Lunch Break Lift. This treatment is non-invasive, non-surgical and perfect for the woman on the go. It may sound scary, but your specialist will make small thread needle injections in your cheeks to pull the collagen in a forward direction to target and lift specific areas. The lift is said to improve wrinkles, promote skin growth and give long-lasting results in half the time. This treatment will be available at the Le Jolie Spa in August, so grab your appointment ASAP. Plus, you might even snag a selfie with Jordyn Woods or Jasmine Sanders on the way out.

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Real Housewives Facial:

If that "Beverly Hills glow" is what you're looking for, the Skin Lab is the place to be. Real Housewives of Beverly Hills stars like Lisa Rinna and Teddi Mellencamp are often seen flaunting their great skin on and off air, and thanks to them there's a new facial we all can try. The Real House Wives facial is a gentle 30-60 minute thermal massage applied to the face or neck. Combined with Skin Lab products and LED light therapy, this non-invasive procedure is said to tighten, tone, reduce wrinkles and fine lines on the skin. This customized facial is offered exclusively at the Skin Lab and must be booked in advance so hurry. If the housewives' skin isn't what anti-aging looks like, we don't know what is.

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Kate Sommerville TLC Facial:

Imagine getting the most futuristic facial without undergoing any knives—just a little electricity. Luckily for you, Kate Somerville's TLC facial is all too real and is the first and only place in Los Angeles you can get this technology. This new-age facial uses microcurrents to apply electric signals to the face. But before the electrifying massage, roller ball and microcurrent exfoliating glove, you'll receive two deep exfoliating peels: AHA and Glycolic. And it doesn't just stop there. At the end, you'll get to sit back and relax with a super-cool chain mask covering your face to finish off the beauty rejuvenation. A-list clientele like Rose Bryne have already experienced the TLC treatment. And you can catch other stars like Adele, Vanessa Hudgens and Sarah Jessica Parker frequenting the celeb-loved spa. So what are you waiting on?

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Reintroducing the HydraFacial, an old favorite with a new spin: a tour. That's right; this three step 30-minute facial just became even more accessible and is coming to a city near you. The HydraFacial truck will transform into a mobile on-site skin haven. Inside, you will be able to get your skin cleansed of impurities while specialist extract dead skin and hydrate with serums. The precise wand-like tool will be up close and personal with your pores, providing an exact amount of product needed for your skin. As the machine releases nutrients into the skin, it will simultaneously be vacuuming dead cells and toxins out. Stars like Mercedes Javid of Shahs of Sunset and Peggy Sulahian of the Real Housewives of Orange County got their facial fix when the tour came to Los Angeles.

But don't fret, the HydraFacial is still on a five-month tour to cleanse, exfoliate and extract any face from New York to San Francisco. You'll be sure to hop off this spa on wheels with baby soft skin, reduced pores, fewer dark spots and more.

Ready to get that Hollywood glow?