LOL! Jay Cutler's Guys' Night Goes in a Very "Weird Direction" on Very Cavallari

By Vannessa Jackson Aug 01, 2018 1:00 PMTags
Watch: Jay Cutler's Guys' Night Is All About Goats

The boys are back in town! 

Jay Cutler is letting loose with his guys for a little bonding, but it's definitely not your typical bro date. After asking about how his new house was going, the conversation took a bit of a weird turn. Let's just say Jay is really excited about all the new animals he'll get to take care of. 

"Throw some chickens in there, maybe a couple of goats. I've been looking at Nigerian dwarf goats," Jay shared about his hopes for his new land. 

While other men might be freaked out, Jay's friend Tony might actually be of service. "I can help you out there. I have Nigerian Dwarf Goats...I have eight of them," he shared. 

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"Listen, you don't want a Nigerian dwarf if your purpose is to milk it," Tony shared. "What I'm saying is, there are other breeds that are specifically for getting the most milk." 

Even though he was the one who started the conversation, even he had to put a stop to the nonsense before it got even stranger. "This is going in a weird direction," he joked with his friends. 

It's not everyday you can get the guys together for some steaks, beers and Nigerian goat chat! 

Watch the clip above for the hilarious conversation!