Jay Cutler Promises Kristin Cavallari He'll Whip Her Uncommon James Employees Into Shape While She's in L.A. for Work

By Mona Khalifeh Jul 31, 2018 1:00 PMTags
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Who better than Jay Cutler to show the Uncommon James girls how it's done?

In this clip from Sunday's all-new Very Cavallari, Kristin Cavallari puts her no-nonsense husband on Uncommon James watch while she heads to L.A. for some Oscars hosting duties.

"I'm doing like a luncheon for bloggers and media outlets and then I have the Oscars on Sunday," Kristin tells Jay.

But Kristin's big trip to L.A. couldn't have come at a worse time, with Uncommon James opening its doors in the coming weeks.

"I can go down there and whip 'em into shape real quick," Jay offers.

"OK. What are you gonna do, you just show up?" Kristin asks.  "Yeah, 100 percent," the former football player confirms.

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"Actually, I think that's a genius idea because then we could see what they're really up to," Kristin agrees.

With mom gone, Jay's also going to be running daddy daycare, but his services come at a cost.

"I'll send you my rates," Jay jokes. "I'm not paying you," the mom of three maintains. "Well, I'll send 'em anyway," Jay adds.

See Kristin and Jay's sneaky plan to keep tabs on the girls at Uncommon James in the clip above.