Khloe Kardashian and Kendall Jenner Can't Get Over How "Skinny" Kim Kardashian Looks

What the Keeping Up With the Kardashians stars had to say about Kim's new figure

By Elyse Dupre Jul 30, 2018 2:36 PMTags

Khloe Kardashian and Kendall Jenner have some thoughts on Kim Kardashian's new figure.

On Sunday, The Keeping Up With the Kardashians stars attended a charity poker tournament in Inglewood, Calif. to benefit City of Hope. Momager Kris Jenner was there, as well. However, the reality stars didn't just have Texas Hold'em on the brain. Kim's sisters couldn't stop talking about how "skinny" she looked. 

"No, like I'm really concerned," Kendall said in an Instagram Stories video. "I don't think you're eating. You look so skinny." She later compared her sister to her handbag, claiming, "My purse is as tiny as you." 

Khloe also said she's "never seen a skinnier person in my life." When Kim pointed to their supermodel sister, Khloe replied, "Well, Kendall, but that's natural. This takes work to look like that, and that's amazing."

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Later, Khloe asked Kim what she eats, joking she can "see through you."

"You guys! I'm not that skinny!" Kim said. "I'm down to 119 pounds."

The KKW Beauty head, who rocked a bob and black leather pants that evening, later clarified she weighs less when she takes out her hair extensions.

"Your hair extensions, your ass, your tits, everything, like, you know, they're heavy because she's f—king voluptuous. She's like this," Khloe said, drawing an hourglass figure with her hands. 

"But she's anorexic here," she added, pointing to Kim's waist. "Her arms are like pin thin. They're like my pinkie."

Even when the ladies made their way to the poker tables, they still couldn't stop talking about Kim's new look. At one point, Kim claimed Khloe gave her a "backhanded compliment" by saying she never looked like this and is older.

"But you're older now," Khloe said, "and you look better than you did at 18, 21." 

However, Kim's figure wasn't the only one the reality stars discussed. At one point in the evening, Kim told the Good American head she looked "really skinny." 

"No, you look so good," Kendall said to Khloe. She also posted a video of her sisters on Instagram and wrote, "my sisters are [fire]."

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In the end, the sisters were able to put the conversation aside and play some poker. 

"We have been practicing," Kim told E! News. "I have never played before. The whole family has never played before. We have taken some lessons, and I think we are going to be really good."

Kim also took a moment to reflect on entering Season 15 of Keeping Up With the Kardashians. When asked about her favorite family memory, Kim said she had been reminiscing with Rob Kardashian about the family's trip to Bora Bora.

"We were reminiscing about that trip. The family trips are always so fun and they have fun energy and a different vibe," she said. "There are so many different memories and I am so glad we have it all on camera so it helps you remember it and we can show it back to our kids and we can watch it together." 

Of course, welcoming baby Chicago West via surrogate was also a memorable moment. Kim told E! News her little one is "good" and "getting so big."

"She is hanging out with, we call them 'the triplets', which is easier to say the triplets," she said, likely referencing True Thompson and Stormi Webster. "When we go shopping, I will send a picture and send it on the group text saying 'Do the triplets want this? Should I get this?'"