Britney Spears Is Not a Girl, Not Yet a Woman in "Ew!" Sketch

Jimmy Fallon returns as Sara (no H!) on Thursday's episode of The Tonight Show

By Zach Johnson Jul 27, 2018 11:45 AMTags

It's Britney Abby, bitch!

Jimmy Fallon showed a clip from "Ew!" on NBC's The Tonight Show Thursday, in which sassy tween Sara (Fallon) and her sleepaway camp BFF Abby (Britney Spears) compared their Throwback Thursday Instagram photos and played a made-up game called Fashion Freeze. Dressed in a cropped sweater and a scalloped skirt, a cheery Abby arrived with a gift in tow. "You forgot your mermaid pillow in your bunk," she informed Sara. "Here, I brought it with me."

"So, what have you been up to since camp?" Sara asked a little later.

"I'm still super obsessed with horses. I love horses!" Abby replied. "And when I grow up, I'm going to have 40 horses." Impressed, Sara said, "Wow! Would you rather fight 40 duck-sized horses or one horse-sized duck?" Annoyed, Abby said, "You ask me that every time I see you."

"I'm sorry!" Sara said. "I read somewhere online it's a good ice breaker."

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Next, Sara asked Abby whether they should return to camp.

"I'm not sure," Abby said. "I mean, we'd be the oldest campers there."

"We're still too young to be counselors. We're stuck between two worlds. It's like, I'm not a girl..." Sara said. Abby finished her thought, singing "not yet a woman," referencing Spears' hit.

After a FaceTime call from Sara's step-dad, they ended the sketch with an "Ew!" speed round. Abby said matcha-flavored ice cream is "ew," "those weird pop-up phone holder things" are "ew," sun-dried tomatoes are "ew," squishies are "ew" and Steve Carell is..."so cute." Really? "Yeah, he's like a really talented actor. Have you ever seen Despicable Me 3?" Finally, Abby called Las Vegas "cute." In a nod to Spears' former residency, she said, "I would, like, totally live there."

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