Ansel Elgort's Dream Collaboration With Violetta Komyshan Has Our Hearts Melting

New Global Ambassador of Ralph Lauren's Polo Red franchise also has some thoughts on his girlfriend's ideal smell

By Mike Vulpo Jul 26, 2018 10:10 PMTags
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Ansel Elgort is more than impressed with his leading lady.

While there are many reasons to love his high school sweetheart Violetta Komyshan, the Hollywood actor continues to be amazed with her talents as a dancer.

As a result, Ansel can't help but hope an opportunity will come up where they can collaborate together.

"We want to do a music video together. I want to do a dance duet with her actually," he shared with E! News while attending the Polo Red Rush launch party in New York City. "She would make me look good. I wouldn't have to do that much work." Awww!

Ansel continued, "We talk about our ideas and our goals together. It's like our bedroom talk. What are our goals for the next couple of months? What are we doing? What are we striving for?"

Ansel Elgort & Violetta Komyshan's Romance in Pictures
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The heartfelt comments come as the actor and musician celebrates becoming the new Global Ambassador of Ralph Lauren's Polo Red franchise.

When discussing the power of smell, Ansel couldn't help but share the scent he likes on his longtime girlfriend.

"I like her smelling like herself. The first couple of years we were dating, she was always straight out of ballet class so I always smelled her the way she smelled and I liked it," he explained to E! News.

Romance aside, Ansel recently found himself visiting Los Angeles where he casually ran into Leonardo DiCaprio while playing volleyball.

While he can't recall the Oscar winner's smell, Ansel admitted that seeing other stars isn't that big of a deal. Well, unless you are a member of The Beatles.

"I really just want to meet Paul McCartney. Everyone else to me is a bunch of humans but I feel like Paul McCartney is beyond," he shared with us. "He's a legend."

Ansel added, "[Violetta] goes crazy when she meets big dancers. Like OMG, it's Misty Copeland…She cares more about dancers than actors and stuff like that."