Kristin Cavallari is rounding up the troops for her Uncommon James squad, but not everyone can make the cut.

On this week's all-new Very Cavallari, the brand's social media head Shannon Ford tries to coach her BFF Taylor Monaco into landing a job as one of Uncommon James' retail girls.

"I just know what she is gonna wanna hear, the way she's gonna wanna hear it," Shannon explained to Taylor.

Shannon goes on to grill Taylor, mimicking the voice and even the moves of her boss in the process. While Taylor didn't originally want to work in the store, she does her best to answer Shannon's questions.

"To be completely honest, retail is obviously not my dream. I don't love retail, but I'm good at it," Taylor confessed.

But Shannon isn't so sure honesty is the best policy when it comes to Taylor landing this job.

"No, don't be honest," Shannon insisted. "Don't say retail is not your dream."

Shannon Ford, Very Cavallari 104


"I'd rather be honest, I don't want to be fake," an adamant Taylor fired back.

Taylor securing a job at Uncommon James was more than just about some extra spending money, it was about being there for Shannon, especially when some of the other girls were already ganging up on her.

"Honestly, now more than ever, I'm ready to be there for Shannon's sake," Taylor confessed to the camera.

Kristin interviewed a gaggle of girls before sitting down with Taylor, and the boss lady's questions were just as intimidating as Shannon predicted.

"So last time I talked to you, you didn't want to work here, so why the change of heart?" Kristin asked.

"My schedule at the time, it wasn't a good option for me to take a retail position," Taylor explained. "But, I have been relying on my dad for money and stuff like that, and that's just no fun to be 24 and still relying on your dad."

But Kristin seemed to be looking for an employee that was in it for the long haul, as opposed to the fun atmosphere working with her friends promised.

"Well I'll tell you, I have some reservations because it makes me nervous to hire Shannon's friends," Kristin maintained. "I mean, I'm running a business. I'm not here just to hire everyone's best friends."

And with that, Kristin had to pass on hiring the Uncommon James model, which turned out to be a decision that shocked Shannon more than it did Taylor.

So much so, that Shannon decided to sit down with Kristin to set the record straight.

"God, why do I work at a place where I constantly have to prove to people that I'm doing a good job?" Shannon questioned through tears. "It made me sad for Taylor because I feel like Taylor wasn't getting hired because she was my best friend."

"Okay, so this is another reason why I can't have best friends working for me," the business owner noted. "Taylor was here for an interview and this has now turned into you sitting here crying to me."

This is exactly the type of thing Kristin was trying to avoid. The entrepreneur hoped a little venting to hubby Jay Cutler would help her figure out how to get her girls under control. 

"So Shannon comes into the store, she has tears in her eyes. She was like, 'Maybe I shouldn't work for Uncommon James if this is the stuff you're gonna be saying about me,'" Kristin revealed to Jay.

"Did she really say that?" a shocked Jay asked. "Yes!" Kristin responded, laughing. "Maybe just fire somebody and get everyone's attention," the former football player suggested.

Before giving anyone the axe, Kristin decided to get the girls together to get their emotions out and finally nip all this drama in the bud.

"I just want respect in the work place," Reagan Agee urged Shannon. "As far as the office goes, I am so sorry if you thought I was bossing you around," Shannon offered. 

"And I will jump in, I told everybody on the team to give Reagan tasks to do. So I do think Shannon did think she was just doing what she was told," Kristin admitted.

While Shannon looked at that as a small victory, Brittainy Taylor decided to take the workplace tiff as a learning experience.

"If we can't get along, that's just gonna be cancer on everyone else," Brittany insisted. "At this point, we're all leaders in this field."

With Kristin heading out of town for red carpet duties, it will be up to Brittainy to lead the girls through a drama free week!

For everything else that went down this week, check out the recap video above!

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