The Big Skin-Care Change Elle Macpherson Made After 50

Plus, her daily diet and tips for staying healthy!

By Alanah Joseph Jul 26, 2018 12:12 AMTags
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Elle Macpherson created the WelleCo supplements and elixirs to address her own beauty needs.

"When I turned 50 I realized that I wasn't feeling good and I wasn't looking good," the wellness entrepreneur told E! News. "We developed a line of vitamins and minerals that are in a green powder that we called the Super Elixir, also a sleep tea and some very clean protein powder for men, women and children."

After four years in business, the former model states that the "ingestible beauty" changed her skin, as well as cleaning her diet and getting more sleep. 

"The greens have changed my life," she continued to explain. "The biggest change was taking these greens every day for a month. I noticed such a different in my sugar cravings, the quality of my skin—I have this kind of glow—nails, hair, digestion, sleep. That was the beginning of my wellness journey, then I started making other adjustment."

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The powder formula, formally called the WelleCo Super Elixir Greens, contains 45 premium natural ingredients, including turmeric, Omega 3, acai, barley grass and rosehip. Together, the brand promises that the supplement will help your body reduce inflammation that was caused by your sugar, dairy and alcohol intake, as well as high stress levels.

To complete Elle's initial diet, which lasted 30 days, the supplement costs $80. However, the website allows you to order to more or less with packages ranging between $30 and $195. 

Answering her own beauty needs with a business that promotes health, the wellness guru feels better than ever. Check out her daily routine below! 

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Will you try her routine?

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