8 Products That May Be in the Jordyn Woods x Kylie Cosmetics Collaboration

Check out Jordyn's best selfies and the products that made them perfect!

By Alanah Joseph Jul 23, 2018 10:19 PMTags
Watch: Jordyn Woods Spills on Kylie Jenner Make-Up Collab

Kylie Jenner and Jordyn Woods are living proof that best friends that slay together, stay together.

Just last week, the Kylie Cosmetics owner announced that she is collaborating with her longtime muse, Jordyn, for her next makeup collection. It's exciting news, but it's not surprising. For years, Kylie has shared the impact that her BFF-turned-roommate has had on her makeup routine and product development. Jordyn, a makeup wiz in her own right, is her favorite tester.

"Well, we've been wanting to collab for a long time...since she started her company," Jordyn told E! News at the Petite 'N Pretty Beauty Launch over the weekend. "Finally, we found something that works, so I'm very excited and it's coming out very soon."

What's in Jordyn Woods' Makeup Bag?

When we asked what they launch would include, the Life of Kylie star smiled and responded, "Just a whole lot of different things."

Here's the good news: If you look closely at the model's Instagram, she has a few go-to looks that highlight singular products that she loves. And since the new collection is inspired by her, we can predict that the launch will include her must-haves. 

Check out her best looks below and our predictions!

Beauty Besties

Kylie Jenner's highly anticipated makeup collaboration with Jordyn Woods is almost here! Now, that the BFFs have announced the collection, we're taking a few guesses as to what it will include. Keep scrolling for Jordyn's favorite makeup products, based on her selfies.

Nude Lip Kit

On most days, the social media star likes to keep it simple, adding a soft rose-toned lipstick to her barely-there makeup.

Nude Lip Kit

In her most recent photo, she stunned in a coral-toned shade that brightened her look on a summer day.

Nude Gloss

Other days, the model amps up her beauty with a glossy lip that's either clear or flesh-toned.

Nude Gloss

The nude lip hue, whether matte or glossy, allows the star to play with colorful eyeshadows, like the green, gold hues seen here.

Brow Pencil or Gel

Jordyn is brow goals. Even Kylie has admitted that her best friend is a pro at perfecting her brows. Now, we hope that Jordyn and Kylie release a product that will get us closer to her twin eyebrows.

Brow Pencil or Gel

If she does, we hope a demonstration comes with the product.

Golden Highlighter

Radiant skin is a part of Jordyn's signature look. 

Golden Highlighter

Against her caramel complexion, the star opts for golden, warm tones, so we're expecting to see something similar in their new collaboration.

Warm-Toned Shadows

To pair with her golden highlights and natural-looking makeup, the Life of Kylie star loves warm-toned shadows that are slightly darker than her complexion. 

Caramel-Toned Shadow

To achieve her signature look, the influencer blends a caramel hue on her lid and bottom lash line.

Red Lipstick

Every now and then, Jordyn pulls out an apple red lipstick for a stunning look. 

Red Lipstick

Beyond her wispy lashes, she keeps her shadow, blush and highlight minimal to place focus on her lips.


To bring the drama to her brown eyes, the influencer knows how to define their shape with eyeliner.


Go thick or go home. We're looking forward to an eyeliner pen from the star, so we can recreate her sultry eyeliner style.

Bonus: Tinted Eyeliner

This red lipstick and wine-tinted liner combination is holiday makeup goals. Perhaps that star and BFF will help us achieve this look with a colorful liner.

Shimmery Golden Shadow

There's no doubt that the natural beauty also has a glam side. Her go-to for dressed-up makeup: glittering gold shadow.

Shimmery Golden Shadow

Like her day-to-day caramel shadow, this glittery version makes her going-out ready, especially when paired with a bold lip

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