Millie Bobby Reveals She and Drake ''Talk All the Time''

Stranger Things star sat down with W magazine to talk about fame and her celebrity pals

By Jennifer Cullen Jul 24, 2018 1:27 AMTags
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Talk about an surprising friendship!

Millie Bobby Brown sat down with W Magazine to discuss her rising star status, and revealed that one of her famous pals is none other than Drake.

The pair first met when the 14-year-old actress attended the 31-year-old artist's Brisbane concert in Nov. 2017 and met him backstage.

Of course, the duo had to share the moment with their millions of Instagram followers. Drake posted a shot with Millie which he captioned, "Hawkins Very Own." Meanwhile, Millie's post was a sweet, smiling picture where she wrote, "This guy."

As Millie explained to the magazine, "He invited me to his concert. And now we talk all the time. I ask his advice."

Millie Bobby Brown's Best Looks
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It's unclear what she asks the rapper for advice on, but we're guessing it has something to do with her quick rise to fame.

For instance, Millie told the publication that she had no idea her Stranger Things role would completely transform her life.

She touched on her instant celebrity, saying,"We did the show, and I went back home to England. I thought,' Okay, it's a little show. What's next?' And then we came to America for the premiere. Three days later, my whole life changed."

Even though her followers count has risen to over 17 million and she is Emmy-nominated, the English actress says she's still the same Millie.

"I don't think I've changed," she said. "I'm not thinking, Oh, I know everything now. I still get nervous. I still get anxious."

Other than having a few well-known friends, it seems as though Millie is just like any other teen!

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